Jul. 20th, 2008 10:39 am
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They are building a Lowes in our little burg. I wonder why? You would not think we had enough people to support it. You think they got word that we moved here?

I wish they would finish it.

Today we drove over to Crestview to go to breakfast and Lowes to look at possibilities for our fence by the motor home, and tile accents for the bathroom.

The kitchen back-splash is finished and it looks great. We also have indoor outdoor carpet under the hot tub, and we want to tile that screen room, too.
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It is 9:30Am and I have already showered and am ready for bridge. My house is pretty clean, well clean enough for us. The kitchen is kind of messy since Roy is still tiling the back splash. It really looks great.

I do have some laundry going.

The excitement is just too much around here. In my old age, I don't need excitement anymore. The quieter the better.

I am thankful to have some time like this.

We have an 18 year old grand-daughter. She ran away from her mom's and went to her other grandmothers, and is now with her (absentee dad) in California and is going to try out for American Idol She has not graduated from high school yet. Her mom told her she could go to the try outs when she graduated. Long story, but she is just being a typical 18 year old. I feel sorry for our daughter. She really has been a good mom, if maybe a little over protective, but no one is perfect.

She has a nice voice, but I think there are many more who are so much better and this will be a good learning experience for her.

What a mess that drama is. Glad we live here and not there.
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MDH is putting up a new back splash in our kitchen. We have a mobile home, and it just has dry wall. We did have a tile border that we ordered with the mobile home, but now he is putting up the back splash. It really looks great. You can see in the picture the part that is done. The rest of counters will have the same thing eventually.
The Link: http://flickr.com/photos/15323303@N00/


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