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Today is all about getting ready to take the dog to Jacksonville tomorrow.

It is cold outside!! 30s.
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Razor made it home ahead of Sandy (just) He is home safe and sound with his new forever family.

3 days, 10 states, 1300 miles. I am so glad we were a small part of this.
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I guess I posted that Roy and John got home about noon yesterday. Both of them fell in love with Razor and liked being part of his going home. It gives you a good feeling to help a dog on his way to his forever home.

Razor is in Richmond VA overnight and will be home tomorrow.

Now back to our regular life.
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Roy leaves about 10 AM this morning to head to Atlanta (staying overnight) for one leg of the gur (greyhound underground railroad) to get our 3 legged Razor to his forever home in Connecticut. (Hoping Hurricane Sandy does not interfere) Roy has the longest leg, there are 12 other people/legs involved. The gal who is adopting him is coordinating it, what a task. Already has one substitution. Dog/greyhound people are the best!
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Looks like Roy and our neighbor, John, will be on their way to Atlanta sometime tomorrow. There is a special boy, Razor, who has a forever home in Connecticut and they have been trying to get the rides for him. He came off the track with a leg broken so badly it could not be fixed, so they had to amputate it. They wanted him to have an easy transport instead of with a major haul, so they asked us. We almost did not do it, but Roy contacted John and he can go. I need to stay home to take care of our two, I could not figure out how we both could go.

Roy is fishing today, and I have to pick Trader up from the vet. They kept him overnight to let the anesthesia wear off. I am pretty mad at them right now for doing the teeth so late in the day and the vet never called about the xray when I asked him to, so they will get an earful today probably.
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We are home and all I have done is sleep since we got back. Wow, I am getting older fast!!

Bridge today, Wednesday and a play Friday. Busy week for me.

I sent my motel, and gas receipts in for reimbursement for the greyhound haul. They made it to Nashiville, got their baths and are in their foster homes waiting for their forever homes. All in all, a good weekend!!
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We leave in about2 hours to pick up the dogs about an hour and 15 minutes from here, and drive to Birmingham, AL to meet their ride to Nashville.

Might or might not be checking in on my tablet. I am not taking a computer with me, but we sure are taking a lot of stuff for overnight. We have a good size cooler since I made a bunch of sandwiches and we need water and sodas. Also Roy needs his Cheetos for on the road. (don't ask) and paper towels and my bag of electronics. (Tablet to use as gps, ipod for books, and camera)

We are even an hour earlier than originally planned. Other group wanted us earlier.
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Well, we leave for Birmingham on Saturday and we will come back on Sunday. We are taking 3 dogs. Small haul. It would be more than a 12 hour round trip which would wear us out, so we will stay overnight. I picked a motel and hope it won't suck too bad. It has some good reviews. We have gotten burned a couple of times, and I try to pick one ahead of time if I can. The last one was good and clean.

Dogs got their nails clipped yesterday.

I tried out my new tablet for a gps and it worked pretty well. It would be nice if I didn't take every electronic thing I own, just for overnight. We will see. Ipod for audio book with new gadget that plays through the radio so we can both listen and my tablet with holder. Oh, and camera.
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Abyss on her way Abyss on her way Here is the pass off to our friend Judy who is taking her to Birmingham for the next leg. She will be in Chicago tomorrow sometime. She was a jewel. She is tiny compared to ours. Probably 20# less. Just a tiny girl with a broken leg.

Oh oh

Jan. 17th, 2012 09:55 am
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Apparently this girl we are transporting Saturday has some behavioral issues. She will pee and poop in the car, and really pulls on the leash. We are crating this one and we never have before. My two have really spoiled me I guess. The three greys I have had have never had any issues like that. Well Trader will pull if he is in a strange place, but he would never mess in the house!!

gur today

Nov. 12th, 2008 06:50 am
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gur=greyhound underground railroad.

Today we walked the dogs, and are ready to walk out the door to go to Alabama to pick up 'jolly mon' and take him to his next leg on his way to his forever home.

We are the second of about 4 legs.
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I am always glad to be home. Life with two dogs is easier at home. They really like their routine, too, so they are happier. They are good travelers, though.

42 degrees this morning. Warmer than yesterday, but just about right for a walk.

Tomorrow I am picking up a dog in Alabama and taking him to somewhere between here and Pensacola for his trip to his forever home in Louisiana. Mr Jolly Mon, bon voyage!
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We just pulled in and the first load of laundry is in. I have 4 loads to do. I just got a call about a greyhound gur leg that they need me for. This boy is going to GPA Louisiana.

I will pick him up somewhere in Alabama and take him somewhere. I don't know where yet.

Now, my day is planned, laundry will consume most of it.
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Today I am driving a leg of the Greyhound Underground Railroad (GUR). One more girl on her way to her forever home.

I can not believe I got up at 4AM


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