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I have opened all the windows, it is really warm, I am sure it is in the 70's at least.
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Nasty thunderstorms with tornado watches all day. Oh boy, gotta love the south. It is almost 70° outside.
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Walked the dogs. Friday I am going over to visit a friend I used to work with. She had major surgery after being injured in a car wreck. I will take her some food, and help her out with whatever I can.

We are having a wonderful fall this year. Cool temps, window open weather. Last year we just went from summer to winter.
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thunder and lightening and rain! Warm, spring is here.

Bridge at the country club today. I am subbing for a friend. I only sub at any of the games. I don't want to be permanent because I need a break once in a while.

I am going to drive the Ford today. My car is all clean and I don't want to get it all filthy yet.

Tonight we are going to dinner with the neighbors and their friends who are visiting in their 5th wheel. We let them hook into our electric since they can't reach the electric on the neighbors lot from where they are parked up on the road, so they want to take us to dinner to pay us back.

Good deal, even though we told them they sure didn't need to.
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I know you all have been waiting to see my snow videos. It finally snowed for a couple of hours, but barely stuck on the ground. I have never seen it snow here before. The kids across the street went out to catch it on their tongues.

The dogs did not want to stay out in it for more than a minute.

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Well so far, lots and lots of rain, still in the 30s, but no snow. They say possibly this morning, but I will believe it when I see it. I know all you people who live in snow think that it is nuts, but it would be fun to see for about 15 minutes.

Colder tonight. Sheesh.

No drama , so far a good day.

WTF? Snow?

Feb. 11th, 2010 09:05 am
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We have snow in our forecast. Tonight and tomorrow. What is this? No accumulation, but?????

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Freezing here this morning (28 F). No rain though. Nice and clear.

Looks like it will be a laid back Christmas here. I like that.

One of our neighbors has a vacation home in Tennessee, just outside Smokey Mountain National Park. We visited them up there (we had our motorhome and did not stay there) a couple of years ago. Our other neighbors who just bought the lot between us somehow got an invite up there for Christmas and the owner really did not want them to come. How does that happen? Hopefully, they will have a great time and not get stuck in the snow.

The same neighbors brought us some cranberry relish they made for us to have for Christmas. Nice of them.
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Still raining. Hopefully it will quit soon.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 06:30 am
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Wow, we are having some heavy rain storms this morning. I have stripped the bed, sheets are washing, cleaned the birds, and not much else. No walk today.

Tomorrow my sister goes home. It has been an ok visit, but it was long enough.
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It has been raining all night, but not that heavy and the winds have not been horrible. It came on shore about 80 miles west of us. We did not get a big storm surge and did not lose power.

All is good except the dogs have to get out between drops.
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Looks like Ida has been down-graded to a tropical storm. Still, 70MPH winds are pretty threatening. I hope it weakens more. So far we are not a direct hit, but are on the wet side.

Today my 'Bug Guy' came for the annual extermination. I called them last week to set it up. I have seen three live roaches in a week. More than all year. If I see any more, they will be dead. Money well spent. Roy said he would spray, but the pros always seem to have more success, and I might have to live in Florida, but I will do my best to rid my house of bugs.

More WTF?

Oct. 31st, 2009 06:35 am
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It is raining and the temp dropped 6 degrees in about 15 minutes. Crazy Weather.
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Walked the dogs. Summer with it's heat and humidity is back. At least in the morning.

I know that if I took the time to teach the dogs how to play bridge, they would be better than many of the people I played against yesterday.

Today is open.


Sep. 30th, 2009 06:54 am
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Walked the dogs. It was 51 degrees!! I was even cool.

Today the dogs go for their annual shots, etc. That will be an expensive trip. I remember the good old days where just the shots were given.
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Oh, and it cooled off finally. It was 59 degrees this morning on our walk. I love this time of year.

Such a relief, even if just temporary.
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Oh and the weather is cool and wonderful 68 degrees. We are having record lows.
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I guess some low temp records have been set around here the past couple of days. I love it!!
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Claudette is still around, but we have had thunderstorms a lot stronger than this. Not much going on except lots of rain.

We are closely watching Bill in the Atlantic right now.

No walk this morning, too wet and rainy.

Washing sheets, and will vacuum tomorrow.

I seriously need to get our important files put into the briefcase in case of evacuation.

We are pretty much ready. If a hurricane heads this way, we will put up storm panels (aluminum) and head out if it is a big one. RV is pretty much ready, with fresh water on board and even bug bombed it, just in case. It has been sitting for a couple of months, even though we do aircondition it. It would get nasty if we didn't take care of it.
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We are under a Tropical Storm Warning. Could get some wind and rain a little later on today.

It's that time of year!! I see some in the Atlantic, too. Hope this season fizzles out.


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