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Walked dogs, pretty morning.

BeBe weighs 78 pounds!!! Yikes. That is kind of heavy for her I think. Vet didn't say anything, but too heavy, just like the rest of us.

They are both on reduced rations now.

She raced at 67 lbs.

Fay might still track over here and give us grief.


Aug. 17th, 2008 11:45 am
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Just to clear some things up a little. The reason we live here is kind of a long story, but we are here now and it is the most economical place we have ever lived including Texas which was pretty good, and a little further inland, but still got a couple of hurricanes there.

California had, by far, the best weather, but was way too expensive, and civil service jobs were very scary in the 80's. We left Calif and full time RVed fpr a number of years with Texas as our home base. Then settled in Arizona which was also expensive, and now are here.

We moved away from the Coast in 2004 just in time to evacuate for Ivan. We don't have flood problems where we are, just tornado scares. When it is a Category 4-5 we evacuate because of the animals. We have aluminum storm shutters and have done all we can to protect the house against wind. Why sit through it if we don't have to?

We have the motor home and aren't afraid to use it, lol.

Smaller storms, and we stay here.

We have a generator that we can plug into the house wiring to run fridges, etc and a window a/c.
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I have a briefcase type bag that I keep files in for emergency evacuations this time of year. The dogs records, insurance, etc.

In that bag I just found some hand checks. I almost never hand write checks. Usually, if I write a check, I do it on the computer, but I need them if we evacuate. I also got a debit card for cash if we should need it. The bank suggested that. I used to use my pool guy's check for cash every month, but I don't get that any more. (It would put me over what I can make for SS anyway)

I have our little fire safe thing with the vehicle titles, etc.

I made a new will today. I am still pissed off at the step daughter, so she better hope that I die before her dad.

I left everything to him, of course, but if he pre-deceases me, it all goes to the dogs, literally. The Greyhound adoption program gets it all. They can use it, and will use it better than she handles money. It might all be gone by then anyway.

I have to get the new will witnessed tomorrow. I will do it at work.
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Tomorrow, June 1, is the official start of Hurricane Season. I hope it is quiet like last year.

One of the main reasons we have the motor home is so we can evacuate with animals. (Dogs and Birds)

Also, gives us a place to stay if the electric goes out. We are as prepared as you can be for a hurricane.

We have the aluminum shutters, and we aren't afraid to use 'em!

Also, we have a panel to plug th outside generator into to run the fridges, and the window a/c along with some lights.

It will run the TV, too, but without power, I doubt the cable would be working.

Tomorrow we are off to the Bay for a couple of days. Gets us out of here, and tests the systems to make sure they all work in the motor home.

We keep everything gassed up this time of year, too. We have at least 5 5-gal gas cans that are now full.

Gas is hard to come by when a storm approaches.
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The season starts June 1. I think we are as ready as we can be.

I am so lucky to have found our home owners insurance through AARP. They assured me that even if they quit writing in Florida they will not drop our policy as long as we own our home. Insurance increases, and availability are becoming major problems in Florida, no matter what type of home you have.


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