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So Roy's daughter called last night with a trivial problem with her ex. Same old shit.

Never asked how we were, it's all about her. Roy got irritated and they hung up on a bad note. Roy called her back and they are ok now, I guess.

Bet we won't be seeing her at Hilton Head in August.
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Well, it's official I guess, Roy's daughter did not contact him for father's day.

What kind of kid doesn't contact their father who has always been very supportive?

I don't get it.
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Wow, it is very chilly out. Dogs got their walk, but tomorrow might be another story.

All the new gutters are up on the house, but looks like it might rain again on Monday and Tuesday, so another slight delay.

Got my new bigger and better TomTom (GPS) today. Stayed with them due to price and I have used them before. Fine for my limited needs, and this one says street names which will help.

The granddaughter gets the other one. She just got her first car.

Still no word from Roy's daughter. I am so disappointed in her, I can not even express it adequately.
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Walked the dogs.

Still are wondering what the heck happened to make Roy's daughter think we owed her a living?

We do not regret telling her no, we do regret her reaction.

We would get just as much good by taking the money and flushing it down the toilet. In 2 months she would be right where she is now, and we would be much poorer.

What she needs is a job!! No matter if it is flipping burgers, it would help.

I have done many things in my life that I didn't always like, but kept myself going.

Time for her to step up to the plate.
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Roy's daughter called and asked us for money today. Roy told her he would have to ask me, and we discussed it, and are on the same page. The answer is no. #1 we really don't have much and what we do have, we need. He has been telling her for years to get a job, but she has not had one in 10 years. Her house is behind in payments, and that is her fault. She gets plenty of child support and alimony, but never goes after him when he gets behind. Her income is more than ours per month. Roy told her 5 years ago she needed to go to work, but now she says she can't find a job. In 5 years, something should come along, don't ya think? Her 19 year old daughter just found a job.

She is upside down in that house anyway, and losing it would not be a bad thing. She needs something she can afford and smaller.

I am so mad right now I want to call her and just chew her ass out, but I guess I won't, I will try to vent here. When he called her back to say no, she said: What about when your parents helped you out through the years, started crying and hung up. Roy I know is really, really, hurt. Now keep in mind, we never were in any kind of situation like her, and never in danger of losing our homes. She allowed her situation to get where it is, it isn't something that happened over night.

His parents left her a large amount of money that she squandered away. We need the small amount we have for little luxuries we have earned, like insurance, etc. You know I will take the total blame for this, but we are on the same page and are not going to give her the money.

I bet she ends up calling her mother that she has not talked to in a year.

Had she been more caring, or even given us a hint she cared, I would feel differently, but seeing how she reacted, I am glad we did not cave in.

This is the first time we have heard from her in months, too.
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Yesterday I sent another letter to my step daughter to ask if she wanted to come and see us this summer with the kids. It will be interesting to see if we hear from her at all. We have heard nothing from her in 2 months now, and that was a fluke.
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It is 9:30Am and I have already showered and am ready for bridge. My house is pretty clean, well clean enough for us. The kitchen is kind of messy since Roy is still tiling the back splash. It really looks great.

I do have some laundry going.

The excitement is just too much around here. In my old age, I don't need excitement anymore. The quieter the better.

I am thankful to have some time like this.

We have an 18 year old grand-daughter. She ran away from her mom's and went to her other grandmothers, and is now with her (absentee dad) in California and is going to try out for American Idol She has not graduated from high school yet. Her mom told her she could go to the try outs when she graduated. Long story, but she is just being a typical 18 year old. I feel sorry for our daughter. She really has been a good mom, if maybe a little over protective, but no one is perfect.

She has a nice voice, but I think there are many more who are so much better and this will be a good learning experience for her.

What a mess that drama is. Glad we live here and not there.
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I got a mother's day card in the mail from my step-daughter today. A very nice one. Glad the last visit was a good one.
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Our house sitter is coming over this morning so I can show her how I clean the bird cage, and where some things are.

I am only paying her about $5 per day, but she really only has about 10 minutes worth of bird stuff to do every day, so I think that should be ok.

I did load some clothes and odds and ends yesterday. We really just need to load the food, and dog food and misc stuff before we leave Thursday.

We are towing our little truck that we will give to our granddaughter, and I will drive the car up. (to self: Charge portable CB)

We will stop at friends for a couple of nights, then up I95 to Virginia.

Not Much

Apr. 17th, 2007 05:17 am
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Well, one Monday down and one to go before we leave. Every day I think I am nuts to leave my comfy place with the dogs and the birds. They probably would think we were nuts, too, if they knew.

I got the bed made up and clean towels put out in the motorhome. Next weekend I will load all the other things I can not live without for 6 weeks.

Mainly, my laptop.

The premium mail service is set up and paid for. We should get mail once a week at our daughters.

I can still see myself driving back with the dogs early. We will see what happens. It will be better once we are settled there and not driving every day.

The birds can stay at our daughters when we are there which will free up some space.


Mar. 5th, 2007 05:37 am
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Every week the same thing!!! Back to work. Sometimes I am thankful for a job, which because I work for a Truss company is a wonder, with the housing market the way it is, That I have the job at all. this job has gotten us through the year so we could do a few things around here fairly easily, but now I want out I think.

I need to buy a set of stainless for our daughter when we go to visit her. She doesn't have a set, and it constantly our of silverware. I get so annoyed, and this will take care of that. Also, I need to get a gigantic pack of TP for her bathrooms that never seem to have any.

Just to keep the peace!!


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