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Well I came across the ugly email from my sister a few years ago and some responses I wrote to her since she doesn't do email. I copied everything, sent it to her, and erased all of it so I don't have to deal with it any more. It felt pretty good. I am tired of running into it every once in a while. She is a moron!
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Got a birthday card from my sister today. I guess she and her husband are moving in with his daughter since he has Parkinsons Disease and it is an attempt for his daughter to get closer to her dad. She has to be in her 50's, so better late than never I guess.

I wrote a short note telling her basically that our communications are not working for us. (She said she wanted to communicate from afar!!) In my lifetime, I have received one or two emails from her. Better just to move on. She called her outburst 'beserk'. She is right. I don't need this drama.
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I sent a kiss off letter to my sister. I think I have just always had too high an expectation of what our relationship should be, and it never will be. I need to move on. I told her to have a happy life.

I blame myself for expecting her to be someone she isn't, and I told her that. I am sure she has similar feelings about me. I have friends who I am so much closer to, and happier with.

I am glad I got that off my ample chest. Family, phooey.
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Well I sent my sister a WTF? note today. I asked her what was up with no phone calls, etc and I was sure that whatever pissed her off could not be as bad as some things I forgave her for when she was still drinking. Basically told her to have a nice life.
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My sister is not calling me back or answering her phone. WTF? I emailed her neighbor, and she said all is fine, so who knows if I pissed her off or not.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 06:30 am
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Wow, we are having some heavy rain storms this morning. I have stripped the bed, sheets are washing, cleaned the birds, and not much else. No walk today.

Tomorrow my sister goes home. It has been an ok visit, but it was long enough.
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Well I am leaving in 25 minutes or less and my sister is still sleeping. She was up very late doing who knows what, so she will miss out unless a miracle happens.

Maybe she doesn't want to go to Graceville? Who knows, but the rest of us are going.
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Walked dogs. Doing laundry. About 3 loads today.

Not much else. I need to dust and stuff but I am not much in the mood.

My sister called and left me a voice mail that she can see, and she is so excited.

I am happy for her. She has not sounded this up in a long time.
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Oh and today is my sisters eye surgery. I called her yesterday, and she can hardly wait to be able to see again.

Roy put up a new decorative white fence in the front yard. Post and rail fence. It really looks nice, and defines some boundries.

I will take a picture after he gets the posts cut down to the right size.

BeBe hurt herself in the yard last night. We don't know exactly what happened. Either Trader ran into her or she slipped and hit something, but she sounded like she broke her leg with all the screaming. It scared us to death. I found one tiny nick on a front foot, and no other damage we can find. She seems just fine.
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Since about 6:30PM tonight (Almost 10PM now) our street has been blocked off by the fire department with sheriff's cars coming and going. It is blocked off right by our house, and then about a half mile down the street. Apparently they suspected someon down there was running a meth lab, and when they went to see/investigate he has barricaded himself inside. So here we are. What a neighborhood this is turning out to be.

Good news from my sister. No love from SS and disability, but the Lions club is picking up the whole tab so she can get her cataract removed and see again. I am so glad for her. Only about 3 weeks and her surgery is scheduled.

Pretty busy around here for a Saturday night.

See you in the morning.


Dec. 19th, 2008 06:48 pm
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I just talked to my sister. Today is her birthday.

She is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober since the early 90's. Good on her.

Sober but not clean they call it because of some stuff she takes for ADD or some such thing.

She is doing ok. We are polar opposites and we drive each other nuts, but still love each other. Makes no sense, but there you go.


Sep. 11th, 2008 11:52 am
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My sister and I are like night and day. We have had our moments over the years, but when I needed someone to do me a favor, and didn't want my friends to know I was doing this mean little thing, who did I call? My sister!!!

This is some kind of milestone I think. I don't remember asking her to ever do me a favor before.

I did order her birth certificate for her, just in case she can't find the original. Because we are adopted, the birth certificates have to come from Sacramento and she never gets around to ordering one.


Sep. 5th, 2008 07:00 am
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Friday here at the Ranch. Walked the dogs, washing sheets, etc. Washed the dog beds yesterday.

I need to check on those storms.

I have to go to the bank to have the papers notarized to have my sister's certified birth certificate sent to her.

She has still not found hers and just never does anything about it. When her last husband died, that is how she could get married again. She was married to him for over 10 years after they split. She is just not a person who ever gets anything done. So, rather than rag on her anymore about it, I am just having one sent to her. She needs to file for SS this year.

I don't want her to be homeless and move in with me.
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I just mailed many hundreds of dollars worth of eye drops to my sister who also has glaucoma. She can not afford health insurance now that she is remarried, and has 4 years until medicare.

MDH's prescription for drops was changed and we had a back log of the old ones which she can use. I am glad I can do this. We still have some old drops left on a prescription and we plan on picking them up and giving them to the eye doctor here to give to people who can not afford them.

The only reason we can afford them (Tiny little bottles, $70+ each) is that our prescriptions are free because hubby is USN retired and we drive to the base to pick them up.

Drug companies are a rip off.
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I just finished getting my sister's birthday present and Christmas presents wrapped and boxed. I used USPS Click and Ship and the package will be picked up tomorrow.

I love Click and Ship!!

She loves Lenox Christmas China, so I sent her a couple of serving pieces I got on Ebay. I personally hate that kind of thing, but she loves it, and I am glad to get her some.

I also got her a Jade and Pearl bangle thing that goes on a chain for her birthday.

That is it for my Christmas Shopping. I will send the ungrateful daughter a little money on a discover card, I guess.
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My sister got married today. She was married to her second husband for many years, but they separated in 1993. A few years ago she ended up moving in with her first husband (a jerk imho) and then husband #2 died last year. She married husband #1 again. She says he is really boring but she married him for 'security' reasons. Romantic, huh? I had told her to check out SS for husband that died, but she didn't do it, and now I think it is too late.

I hope he really did check and that she gets his retirement if he dies. If not, she has no security at all. That is enough on that subject. It really depresses me for some reason.


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