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We just had Sandy put to sleep this morning. The vet at Auburn who looked at the ex-rays said there was a tumor at the end of the leg bone. We opted not to have it biopsied since the end result would have been amputation whether cancer or not. We just could not put her through any more pain than she has had lately. I was with her at the end, and I could see the pain flow out of her. She was my heart dog. I am just a mess right now, but she is not in pain any longer.

We only had her a little over a year, and she had a rough life before we got her, so I hope we made her last year a happy one. I know she enriched our lives.

I miss her.
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Sandy is just in way too much pain. I have called the vet every day. Those ex-rays they sent for a second opinion need to be read (they said they aren't there yet).

Now they said they can send them electronically? WTF? Why didn't they do that in the first place. She is in just way too much pain for arthritis or whatever in my opinion. They now suspect a tumor?

Whatever it is, she needs to be out of pain. This is taking way too long.
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Today I got a new pill for Sandy Rimadyl. I hope it works. If not, I am to call the vet tomorrow early.
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Took the whole shoulder ex-ray. He still could not find anything, but sent them off for another opinion. She really has a lot of pain in that shoulder. I wish we could find something so we could fix it.
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Back to the vet. They did not ex-ray the shoulder. We pretty much have decided that is where it hurts her the most, so I wonder why they did not ex-ray that when she was there Thursday?
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Well, Sandy is back from the vet's office. She was so good they did not have to sedate her to take ex-rays. He could not see anything wrong, thinks 'soft tissue' injury, but is sending the ex'ray to a colleague of his to check the film.

Just stay on her medicine and take it very easy.
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The dog has to go to the vet next Thursday and get ex rays to see what is making her limp.

The Girls

Jan. 11th, 2007 01:59 pm
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Are we related? Are we related?
Yep, she's a keeper Sandy and BeBe January 2007

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Here is our Sandy and our friends new adoptee, Lilly. They look very much alike, and have similar personalities, but naturally Sandy is the "Good" one. She is 3 years older, too. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I remembered my camera in the motorhome, but forgot to take it with me. The pictures are from my phone.
Sandy and Lilly Sandy and Lilly

Sandy and Lilly Sandy and Lilly

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Ok, it is starting the Holiday season, and before ruralrob beats me to it, here is my dog outside in the fenced in yard.

Humiliation Humiliation

More humiliation More humiliation

After a run After a run

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Sandy's Coat Sandy's Coat

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We had a nice weekend and the dog seemed to like the trip. We went to the Greyhound Meet and Greet at Petsmart and saw some friends who are going to become a foster home for the greyhound organization. They lost their dog just before we did. They do not feel ready for a new one yet, but I bet they end up keeping one of the foster dogs.

I am doing about 5 loads of laundry from the motor home. Sheets, towels, etc.

My Sunday's are just full of fun things to do, aren't they?

The dog is very happy to be home. I think she thought we were going to give her away. She has separation anxieties. I hope she gets over it. She is velcroed to me.
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Today Sandy had her first bath from us. She was a perfect lady about the whole thing.

The new doggie door is in and we are training her to use it. She catches on quickly!!

Big difference when bath time comes. Believe it or not, I think she is easier. She has very short hair so it dries quickly and she is better behaved.

She is three times bigger than Jacques was, but much better behaved.

She is 27" at the shoulder.

Ok, I will get over this posting, even I am a little tired of it, lol.

I am just so glad that we seem to have made the right decision.
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Here she is, our new girl.  She is the one who previewed us last week, LOL.

She is a gem.  She is getting settled in. 

Her name is Sandy and she is 7 years old.  A retired racing greyhound.

They have the most wonderful personalities.  Very laid back, every one I have met.

She is 'bird friendly' and is a great house dog, so far.  The new larger dog door will be a challenge for MDH.  It just fits in the bottom part of our door.

She weighs about 62 pounds.  She is what they call a "Velcro Dog" because she sticks to close to you.  She is right beside me all the time.

She needs to go stick to MDH, he is much nicer!!!  We are totally in love with her already.  In spite of her size, we believe we made the right choice.


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