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I am disabling comments on this entry. Bebe is having some severe pain in her "good" back leg. She came off the track with a broken leg. I lost my first greyhound to Osteo, and this is acting a lot like that. It just came on so quickly, very scary, and naturally on a Sunday. First thing tomorrow we will contact the vet. She can barely walk. Naturally I am thinking the worst. I hope I am wrong.
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Well Bebe had a pretty bad night until about 2am when she settled down. Long incident. She ate her dinner, but then started the pacing and head moving back and forth and confusion. She was so stressed and panting and disoriented. She finally settled down but we did finally crate her to get her to settle down. Now she is sleeping soundly.

I will call the vet again today, but don't know what she can do that she has not already done. Scary.
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We had to leave Bebe at the vets. She is getting an IV to hydrate her, but she was not seriously dehydrated. Her blood work came back as mostly normal. The white cells will be available Monday from somewhere. Liver all ok. When she got ill before (much worse than now) they diagnosed Vestibular Disease, but I don't think they really knew. That time they overdosed her with prednisone and made her stomach bleed. I took all those records to the vet. She is going to give her an antibiotic too. Her temp is up about one degree. We might never know what it is :(.

Anyway, we will pick her up this afternoon. Just like us, Bebe is getting older. 10 this year. That is getting old for a greyhound. Hopefully this will help her. She has been eating fine until this morning's spell.
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Bebe hurt her foot yesterday, and it was her back foot, and not the one that is already injured from the track, so she could barely get around. Poor thing. We gave her some of the expensive pain meds that Trader had, and today she is much better. I am so glad, poor thing. We have not given the meds to her in the past because when she got so sick from prednisone, we were afraid to give her anything by mouth. We didn't have much choice since the vets was closed.

In for another cortisone this week.
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Bebe has her teeth cleaning scheduled today.

Friends are coming over next Saturday for a visit. They are coming to the campground next door for a rally. Our old neighbors from Destin. They live in Panama City.
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This week my phone has paid for itself. I forgot my kindle and could read a book on my phone while waiting at the vet. Right now I am online with an app on my phone. Cable is out. I love bright shiny things.

Bebe ate regular dog food!!! Good girl.
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No walks yet. Might try starting tomorrow for a very short walk to start with as long as Bebe still keeps getting better. I got her pill down her with peanut butter today.

Having a sick dog has put me in a very bad mood. I need to get over it.
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Well finally lj decided I could get in. Bebe ate chicken and rice last night, no vomiting and is eating treats like crazy. Still will not eat peanut butter which is odd since she usually loves it. That makes giving her pills a real challenge. I smushed them up and put them in cottage cheese and she ate most of it.

No walks until she is well.


Jun. 26th, 2011 08:58 am
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Bebe ate some of the chicken and rice when I added some cream of chicken soup. I even mixed in some of the antibiotic. She won't eat peanut butter, yet. She has eaten the dog biscuits and dog treats we give them. (Treats are chicken jerky, nothing added.)

I am hopeful she is on the mend. I did not take her for more shots today. She is acting much better.
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Back from the vet. Two more shots. Bebe has eaten a couple of treats and a couple of tiny pieces of cooked chicken, so a tiny improvement. The vet also said she is better hydrated than yesterday. She is drinking water now, and is not stressed and panting.
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Bebe still won't eat anything. She is drinking. What a mystery, I sure hope she gets over this quickly. The vet is open tomorrow if she needs another shot or more nausea stuff. She has not thrown up, but then she has not eaten anything.
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Bebe and I are back from the vet. Boy, I loved that vet. I had heard good things about them, but never been there. (One of them was the track vet at Ebro a while back)

Bloodwork and everything checked out fine. She got a couple of shots for nausea and antibiotics, and some pills to start tomorrow. Just a precaution.

I am $259 poorer. Sheesh, can't get a break.

Anyway, I am cooking chicken for her now. Rice I had done already in freezer.
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Bebe is sick. She did not eat yesterday, and was sick all night and is panting. A trip to the vet this morning. Her not eating for a day is not out of the ordinary, but the panting is. She is clearly in distress. Nothing like dog puke in the morning.

Hope the day gets better.
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No walk again, 29°. Slowly but surely cleaning the house. It will be dirty again by the time everyone comes, lol.

BeBe was limping last night after she and Trader had a romp in the yard. Naturally after losing Sandy to Osteo, this scares the hell out of me, but she seems fine this morning.

Bridge in town. More cookies tomorrow. I need to make some for my neighbor.
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Washed both dogs. Poor BeBe is itching again. She just had a cortisone shot and I hate to get another one so soon. I washed them with some great shampoo I got from the vet. I have other good dog shampoos I got from Jeffers supply, too.

I have oatmeal shampoo, too. None really seems to do the job, but better than nothing. If nothing else, the water has to feel good.

They are both good bath takers, thankyouverymuch.

I took them out in the screen room by the hot tub and we gave them baths.
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Well BeBe caught another squirrel, and killed it. This time she did not get hurt like last time. I think she caught it and snapped it's neck. I am not telling my friend who already calls her 'killer'. She grabbed his dog a couple of years ago. shocked both of us. Now I know better and don't let her close to small dogs.

I am thankful for that. Not much I can do about the squirrels. I never had dogs fast enough to catch them before. I am so thankful she did not get hurt this time. I am not ready for a trip to the er vet this weekend

I am learning more every day about the Droid, and the air card turned out to be a pain in the ass, but I think it is ready to pre-pay when I need it.

I picked a day when Verizon's web site was down. At least the part to set up a new pre-pay account.
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I am home. Roy came through the proceedure fine. They replaced the stent and the doctor said he can come home tomorrow.

BeBe is still at the vets office, but no temp and can't figure what is wrong, if anything. I need to pick her up.

I have a headache.
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Today is Roy's heart cath. We have to be there at 6:30AM.

BeBe was sick again yesterday and at 2:30AM I was up cleaning up puke.

I am going to ask my neighbors to take her to the vet for me today. I hate to do it, but I can't take her and I don't want this to wait. I would have taken her yesterday afternoon, but they aren't open.

Well sh--!

Oct. 12th, 2009 05:17 pm
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Roy called me at bridge. Said BeBe cut her foot and he was on the way to the vets. He also said there was blood everywhere in the house.

Well, I got home and there was blood all over, but not nearly as bad as I thought, and BeBe did not have to even get stitches, she cut her foot, but not really bad. Just got some ointment and it was under $25. (Thank you BeBe for not waiting until they were closed again and make us go to the ER vet 45 miles away)

I got out my trusty spot cleaning machine and cleaned rugs and floors.

So far, all is well and we have gone through worse.
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Oh and today is my sisters eye surgery. I called her yesterday, and she can hardly wait to be able to see again.

Roy put up a new decorative white fence in the front yard. Post and rail fence. It really looks nice, and defines some boundries.

I will take a picture after he gets the posts cut down to the right size.

BeBe hurt herself in the yard last night. We don't know exactly what happened. Either Trader ran into her or she slipped and hit something, but she sounded like she broke her leg with all the screaming. It scared us to death. I found one tiny nick on a front foot, and no other damage we can find. She seems just fine.


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