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Oh and the air duct replacement (even though a small piece still needs replacing) is a success. No more nasty smells. I am so glad we finally got that fixed. We also have a sparkling clean unit and the air return has been sealed. All good!


Dec. 10th, 2010 01:59 pm
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I am making cookies. Yesterday we had our air ducts replaced from under the house. Should have done it a while ago, but now we could smell mildew when the A/C was on. We thought we cleaned everything, but no, still smelled it. I think this got contaminated when we had it lifted off the ground last year to comply with HFC for financing if we ever want a reverse mortgage. Anyway, we are having the whole thing replaced with a better material, and it should be done the end of next week. It would be done now, but he lacked a small part of it. Nice and clean smelling now.
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When we got our mobile home in 2004, we saw that the carpets had not been stretched. Over the years, they wrinkled up worse as they stretched more. When we had the laminate floors installed, that took care of a lot of it. We still had 3 bedrooms with wrinkled carpet. (My office has laminate floors)

Today Roy is stretching the last bedroom!! Yay, they look so much better. We got the carpet stretcher from Harbor Freight. Now no more wrinkles in our carpet.
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Here is the house from a little different angle. Before and After Fence.

Our House Our House
Our House with motor home parked in it's spot with the new fence.

Our house 'before'

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MDH pressure washed the house today. We sparkle!! I didn't realize how nasty it looked.
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MDH is running the floor scrubber!!! What a guy. He does more than his share around here.

I am on about my 6th load of laundry. Rugs, sheets, towels, dog beds, etc. It sure adds up.

Now I am about done, and ready to start the weekend.

I have dusted up and vacuumed up another dog. Anyone want it? LOL. The furminator tool is great, but there is still dog hair.

Walked the dogs this morning. It wasn't too bad. If you go about 7AM or earlier, it won't kill me.


Mar. 1st, 2007 11:52 am
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I am hot and sweaty now. The house is almost 'company' clean, but we don't get much company, which is ok by me.

I had to turn on the A/C. It is humid today.

Some more cool is coming tomorrow, I think. Cool, not cold.
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Went to Sam's Club and got home early. Just kicking back for the rest of the day. Walked dogs this AM, and will walk them again later.

We have enough TP and Paper towels to last another 3 months.
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Back from another trip to Lowes. Wish I had the money we have spent there.


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