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Well it looks like we won't make it to Valparaiso this August. The only dates we could get that fit in with granddaughter's plans were at Hilton Head, SC August 13-20th which was cutting it too close to the Sangria party, so now we have to hope for next year. Damnit all!! To get what we wanted to rent, we really did not have a lot of choice, and granddaughters fiance goes back to school Aug 22, so we are tied in and reservations are now made. I am looking forward to the trip, but am so disappointed it had such bad timing.

We also invited Roy's daughter, but don't really expect her to go. Our granddaughter hopes she doesn't go and that is her own mother.
This is the house we rented and that time is right after peak season, so prices dropped a lot.
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Walked the dogs. Washing kitchen pitchers, misc stuff that sits out in the kitchen. Washed the curtains last week. Time for us to move I think, lol.

Now thinking of a road trip the first week of October, but have not decided for sure. Want to see the fall colors in the Carolinas and the grandaughter and her fiance.

Hopefully it will work out.
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We are home, and we are all glad to be here!!! We made good time coming home.

BeBe has not jumped up on the bed and Trader has not lifted his leg in the house. All is well. I guess I can cancel the doggie exorcism.

The first thing I did was throw those travel pads in the washing machine.

Home Sweet Home!

Roy is napping. I almost put us in the ditch. I might have tried to fall asleep while driving. Very scary. Lucky for me it was just a flash, I guess.
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Leaving soon for Fayetteville, GA. Will be in touch, either by netbook or phone.

I have my camera along with half of what I own with me, including the dogs, lol.

More to come.
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Waiting for daylight to walk the dogs. Then we are taking the smaller car to the detail guy so we start out clean. 2 days until we start our road trip in the hottest summer ever.

Good thing those dogs have good bladder control.

We probably take them out more when we travel than they go out at home.
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We are home!! Always nice to come home. First load is in the washing machine, I always have 3-4 loads when I get home.

Topped off the gas tank so we are ready for hurricane season.

Very nice little diversion.

Dogs were excellent. They just like to go.
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Here are a few pictures from this road trip. We had a good time. Not a lot of dogs at the picnic this year.

Old Man and the Lake Old Man and the Lake
Barry, Brave boy Barry, Brave boy
He had his leg removed because of bone cancer. He is doing very well.
Greyhounds Greyhounds
Greyhounds Greyhounds

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Walked the dogs many times since we got to the campground. Good weather, too.

Few greys here, expect more today. Saw my friend for dinner last night.

I am using my new little netbook. I am also using some free wifi I picked up here in the park so using the phone as a modem is a non issue.

I drove up here in the motorhome. I should drive it more than I do, but did fine.
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This video is pretty boring, so feel free to skip. The very last is Roy driving and a look toward the back of the motor home and the baby gates we use to separate the dogs or they step on each other. It is pretty tight with the rooms slid in while traveling.

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Well we made it, barely. Our friends got here about an hour later. We stopped a couple of times, and each time the motor home would not start. We think/hope it is just an old battery. Today we will replace it.

Went to the buffet last night. It was ok. We were all beat, so no gambling action, but will probably go over today sometime.

Walked the dogs, now am thinking of a shower.

It is hotter and more humid here than at home. We are right on the bay. I would not have thought it would be much different.

Oh, and the lovebugs are out, so Roy is washing off the front of the motorhome. If you are not familiar with lovebugs, consider yourself lucky. I had never heard of them until we moved to Texas. The gulf coast has swarms of them in Spring and Fall. They are all mating hence the name, lovebugs. They are just a nuisance and do not bite. They get into everything and make a mess of your vehicle.

Road Trip

Sep. 9th, 2009 05:55 am
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Getting ready to hit the road this morning for MS. Meeting friends at a campground at Hollywood Casino.

I will have my laptop, and be in touch.

Waiting for daylight to walk the dogs.
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Walked the dogs. Vacuumed the bedroom, and will vac and clean the rest of the floors and will be almost ready to go. You would think we were going to be gone for a month, lol.

Only 3 days. Then the greyhound picnic in November which is at one of our favorite campgrounds. I already made the reservations.
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Well I have started putting a few things in the motor home. I am almost ready. I am making some dip, and some deviled eggs to take, then I will be done.

I hope the trip is as fun as I think it will be. These people we are meeting are some of my favorite people.

Road Trip

Aug. 22nd, 2009 05:39 am
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Our friends called us yesterday to see if we are going to tow our car when we meet them in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi next month for a couple of days. They tow a jeep, and it really is not comfortable for 4 people, it is also easier if they don't have to tow it for only a couple of days. I told them yes, so they can go with us if we go anywhere else. We would put the back seats back up. They are usually down since we can just put the dogs in that way and also because we carry chairs, etc in it when we tow it. Kind of a towable storage shed.

Waiting for it to get light enough to walk the dogs.

Washing sheets, then bridge with my friend from Bulgaria.

Road Trip

Aug. 11th, 2009 12:06 pm
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Just made reservations at the Hollywood Casino Campground in Bay St. Louis Mississippi for Sept 8,9,10. Will meet our friends there from East Texas.

They have about 100+ miles further to drive, but that is ok. We drove all the way there last year.

Don't know about 3 days at a Casino, but no cooking.

Dogs will have to be walked of course, but this works for all of us.

A change of scenery will be nice and we need to run out some of the old gas in the motor home.
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Well some cleaning to do to get the house ready so it will be half way clean when we hopefully leave next week. Dogs walked.

I need to get to the store this weekend to get something to take with me.

It is really a little warmer than I like to go in the motor home, but we need to go see our friends, and to use up the expensive gas in it so we can replace it with cheaper gas, lol.
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Nice little short trip, now I have about 3 loads of laundry to do and keep it clean for the next trip in a couple of weeks.

The dogs were just excellent on this trip. They really are becoming seasoned travelers.

We had dinner with my old work mate, and her son. It was fun.

Glad to be home, as usual.
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The weather here has been perfect. Cool nights warm, but not too warm days. Dogs are doing excellent. They are campground pros. They even poop by the trash cans.

Tonight we meet my old office buddy and one of her sons and family for Mexican dinner, then home tomorrow.

Looks like another short road trip to Rocky Bayou in Nicevile the first part of April. Dinner with friends from Atlanta and Destin.

Whew, a whirlwind for us, lol. Then the motor home will be parked much of the hot summer unless we need to evacuate. I hope not.
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Oh, and apparently they do have a wireless network available here, but since I am paying for my aircard, I might as well use it!

Road Trip!

Mar. 17th, 2009 06:26 am
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It stopped raining and we are going to Lake Jackson today. My laptop is all packed and ready to go.

A change of scenery will be nice and it isn't too hot yet. As I said before: We are fair weather campers now. No extreme cold or hot.

Walking the dogs in either one is not fun for us or for them.


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