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It is 64 degrees this morning. Warming up a little, but still wonderful for here. I guess we are getting warmer weather again and this will be gone, but I am still thankful for the few days we had.

Walked the dogs.

Ordered another Roku box for the living room. I have watched some great documentaries I would not have watched if I had to order them from Netflix, but streaming them immediately is perfect. I have the Roku hooked up in the TV room I created in an extra bedroom. Very handy for me to watch what I want.

I think it will also be handy on the big screen in the living room for when we are out of movies, and just want something to watch.

I am also getting more bang for my Netflix buck. Since we have never been movie goers, all the movies for the past 20 years are new to us, lol.
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I couldn't stand it, I miss netflix. I re-opened my account at one at a time and hope their mailing issues are fixed now. If not, I can cancel again. I want to see Season 3 of weeds and other movies.
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Goodbye Netflix. I had been so happy with them until the past couple of months. It took weeks to get what I ordered if I got it at all.

I canceled two days ago. I have gotten 7, yes 7 of the missing disks in the past 2 days. WTF?
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They just can't seem to get the DVDs to me. I canceled.
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Back from Sam's club. $160 poorer.

Netflix is really going in the dumper, at least around here.

I have reported 7 Disks missing in the last 2 months. They have eventually shown up, but after I got the replacements???

They used to get here overnight. Now, it takes 5 or so days if I am lucky and they show up at all.

Also, I talked to my mail deliveryman and he isn't getting his either. They better fix that and quick, or I am canceling them for good.

I used to love it, not anymore.


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