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I heard from two friends I used to work with this week. One from my first job in Florida, and one from my last one. It was great to hear from both of them.

Happy New Year's Eve to all. Hope yours is happy and safe. I am pretty sure mine will be since we have no plans to go out.
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Back when we lived in Texas we had some Pink Flamingos we all passed around to others lots when they were traveling.

When our friends moved to Atlanta we tried to find Flamingos, no luck. So Roy made this Buzzamingo, cross between a buzzard and Flamingo. That was a few years ago. Yesterday after our friends came we have found 'baby' buzzamingos in the flower bed, spare room, and ice tray. Their eggs must have hatched. Roy has now made one out of magnet material and it will hitch a ride back to Atlanta tonight. This is a joke that just won't die.

Walked the dogs. Dinner with friends in Destin tonight. Still planning on leaving Wednesday.

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Friends stopping by this morning. They are staying in Destin (I had no clue they were coming) and they have to check out of one place and into another, so they have a time span to fill. Gee, glad I was there for them. I wonder why the first we heard about this was yesterday and they have been here for a few days? These friends I asked if they wanted to come to Hilton Head and they said they would let me know by the end of July, and I never heard from them. They blew us off then, and kind of now. What's up with them? Maybe I will find out today. Right now I am a little pissed off. These are the friends with the little white poodle that Bebe tossed up in the air last time we saw them with their dog. It will be in it's kennel today.
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Walked the dogs. Friday I am going over to visit a friend I used to work with. She had major surgery after being injured in a car wreck. I will take her some food, and help her out with whatever I can.

We are having a wonderful fall this year. Cool temps, window open weather. Last year we just went from summer to winter.
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Alltel has been taken over by Verizon. I know this has been coming for a couple of years, but now it is official. Chad meets the 'Can you hear me now' guy.

I have always been happy with Alltel, and I know we use Verizon towers, so I guess it will stay as good or maybe better.

Our friends and 'good' neighbors are coming for Ice Cream and Cake which I bought a little while ago. Should be fun.

Dinner with: Retired civil service guy, ex-olympian, Retired Social Security manager, and retired Coast Guard. What a bunch.
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This kind of sucks. We said good bye to our friends after lunch and they are leaving Monday to go back to Atlanta. Who knows when we will see them again? It is about 5 hours from here, but still, we can't conveniently visit them since our dog flipped their little poodle up in air the last time they were together. Their driveway is too steep for the motor home and they live in a restricted community where you can not park an RV anyway.

It would be very inconvenient to visit them since we would have to go to a campground quite a ways from there.
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My goal this morning was to walk the dogs, clean bathrooms, put in a load of laundry, and dust before I sit down at the computer. Mission accomplished. Now I can sit here, and read with a clear conscience, lol.

The gal I am teaching how to bill in QuickBooks, and I have a lot in common. We are the same age within 3 months. (old) and moved here to the panhandle from Destin the same time 5 years ago. We both have large mobile homes.

She has a male friend who stays with her some of the time and he lives in the midwest somewhere.

Anyway, looks like I have a new friend.
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Our friends moved to Atlanta, remember? Serves 'em right.


Jun. 18th, 2007 05:15 am
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I have an old friend I keep in touch with that I am going to upload a couple of auctions for on ebay. She will handle them and mail them out, I will just do the loading.

She just said she was glad I was in her life. I am lucky to have a good friend like her, too. Sometimes I need to remember how lucky I am.

I know her from my bridge days in Tucson, we kind of learned together.

We still try to meet up every couple of years. I met her in Nashville a couple of years ago.
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We have dinner plans for Saturday night in Destin with our friends that moved to Atlanta (Fayetteville)

Also, some other friends, too.

What a whirlwind. Two dinner engagements in less than a week, lol.

We will be loading the motor home tomorrow, and heading out Friday for a couple of days.
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I just vacuumed the whole house. I am not going to scrub the floors, I am too lazy.

I guess I need some company to come so I have a reason to have it 'company' clean.

I like my house neat and clean, for me. It just makes me feel better.

An old friend of mine in Michigan called and we talked for an hour last night. My normal phone call is 5 minutes, max!

We learned to play bridge together in Tucson. I drove up to Tennessee to meet her a couple of years ago.

She was going to come down here this winter, but ran out of money. I know how that goes.

We might meet in Indiana for a party bridge tournament in the fall. I could see her, and the fall colors. Sounds like a doable trip to me.

It would also get me out of here for a week or so.

Now I need to get to town for a couple of things.

My new washer and dryer are cooking right along. Everything spins great. (Of course the old Maytag washer was working after we decided to buy new ones. I really like a washer that will spin towels dry.
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Our friends might stop by on their way through to stay at their house in Destin today. These are the ones that our dog tried to kill their dog. Well, I think she really thought she was a toy, but it could have killed her.

BeBe will have to stay out in the yard when they are here with their dog.

Hopefully it will be short visit. These are the friends that moved to Georgia and I still have not totally come to terms with that.
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Our friends bought us dinner last night. It goes way back to when we were in business together.

Might be a long time before we see them again. Kind of sad

House cleaning today, then road trip tomorrow.
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It is the weekend for me. Friday we are going on a short road trip in the motorhome to Lake Seminole. Tonight is dinner with our friends who are moving away.

Buh, Bye!!

Old Lady

Mar. 15th, 2007 03:54 pm
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Today I filed for my Social Security. I can start collecting in July of this year.

Hopefully I will still be working so will be a nice little bonus, but even if I am not working, it will be nice.

I want to work, but don't know if my boss will want me gone for 45 days. He says he is fine with it, but we will see.

I also am finishing up with my pool guy. Now when I leave, I won't have to worry about that getting done. I have caught him up through March, and I told him in January.

Housework is done. We might have another Greyhound here Saturday for a few hours. He has a bum leg, and there is a walk going on that his owner is taking her other dog to. We will watch him for her.

Lunch tomorrow with friends. (The ones who are deserting us)
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House work, yuck.

Lunch with friends tomorrow. One of the last times for a while, I suspect. They are moving the first of April.

Dog shindig this weekend. I think we will take the dogs, but no stupid pet tricks for them.
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Lunch with our friends who are deserting us tomorrow. Their moving date is 4/2.

A trip to best buy to look at Wireless range extenders. I want something to enhance a signal in RV parks. Any suggestions?

I had ordered one, but it did not come, so I canceled it.

I really am not sure what would be best. It is to make hot spots come in better. [ profile] roadskoller could probably use one of these in her truck, too.

Then to the Bass Pro Shop for some kind of fishing rod. (I hate to fish, so I have no idea, it is for our grandson)


Mar. 1st, 2007 06:06 am
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Today is all about cleaning this place up. Vacuuming the floors and scrubbing the floors, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, etc. Then we take the dogs in to get their toenails clipped, and have them look at BeBe's leg. It seems to be getting better, but just have it checked before we pay for the final adoption. (She came off the track with a broken leg.)

Boy, can it get more exciting than this?

We are going to meet our friends from Destin on Saturday for lunch. Sunday they leave for Fayetteville, GA again. Their final move there is April 2. I am still mad at them for this move.

Also, no motor homes are allowed at the new place, and no campgrounds are close, so they are sol as far as us visiting them.
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Some other friends who live in Destin are now putting their house on the market and moving inland and south. We are so lucky we moved and sold when we did (Just before hurricane Ivan 2004)

The real estate market has really tanked in Destin as well as a good part of Florida. People just can not afford the high insurance rates. Because of where we live, our insurance is ok.

Within 5 miles of the coast, unbelievable.

These friends, and the other couple make lots more per month than we do. (They are also retired) MDH had a good premonition when we sold.

We are pretty lucky.

LJ Friends

Jan. 27th, 2007 06:11 am
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You know, I have the very best lj friends. I am thankful for each one.

Today I plan on at least driving our new car for the first time. I got some new floor mats, and a cd holder for it at Walmart yesterday.

We have to deliver the crate we got from the Greyhound Pet Association back to them today, so a trip to Ebro is in the plans. We hope to get a newer muzzle for BeBe when we go.

Also, pick up papers from my Pool Guy, and MDH's 1099. And a trip to Petsmart for birdseed for the outside birds.

Then home. In the past two days, I have put almost 300 miles on my car. I want to stay home and get rid of this cold.


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