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Walked the dogs. Now we are going out to breakfast I think.

Heard from the granddaughter. She is not in love with Calif and wants to go home I think. This is her first extended stay with her bio dad, but I think she really misses her boyfriend.

Still have not heard a word from Roy's daughter since we turned her down for money. I am so disappointed and angry with her. It is hard to keep my mouth shut and not write, but I am trying to take the high road.
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Oh, and I hope you all had a good mother's day. Since I am just the 'step mom' I did not hear a word from Roy's daughter. Unfortunately, the communication has become less and less the past year or two.

She better hope I die before Roy does.


Jun. 17th, 2007 06:07 am
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MDH called the ungrateful daughter yesterday after she sent a father's day gift.

We got some things sorted out. I still feel she was wrong, but we are going to move on. I can't dwell on this any more, I am too old.

Anyway, there is now communication, so it is better and it is time to walk the dogs, so good morning!!!

Like my friend [ profile] rivendweller I will be the better person and just grit my teeth and move on.

My sister called on my birthday, and that was a good call. Work tomorrow, glad to have a job.
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My sister sent me some bling for my birthday!!! Pearl is my birthstone, and she sent a pearl pendant. I had told her she forgot she sent me one before, but she could not return it, so now I have two.

Also some kind of bracelet, (citrine?) and an amethyst necklace and earrings.

I am not a bracelet or necklace gal, usually, but I will wear them once in a while to remind me of the person who gave them to me.

I am wearing lots of pearls today. I actually have a couple of rings I always wear and usually the same earrings. I am too lazy to change day to day.

The bracelet might get passed on to someone, however. I have a fake diamond tennis bracelet, I will never wear, too. Guess I should get rid of that, too.

That tennis bracelet looks like it cost more than my car, lol. (It didn't)
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I am just burned out on my sister's visit. I don't think I will pay for more trips for her to come and visit. Every few years I think I want her to come, then I pay for it, and regret it.

I have to face the fact that even though we love each other, we are polar opposites, and do not get along all that well.

I guess I just get lonely. The next time I mention I am thinking of paying for her trip, you guys remind me of what I said. Now if she wants to pay for it herself, she is welcome to come.

No sense my being miserable and knowing I paid for it myself.
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Today I am taking my sister over to Destin, and we are going to Barnes and Noble. Then?????

This morning when I was cleaning the birds, one of the birds flew out and into the living room where the dogs were. Both of them just stayed right there and did not chase her. Whew, and what good dogs. Some Greyhounds have a high prey drive, I guess these two don't. Mostly BeBe was a little scared of the birds at first, but not any more.


Nov. 26th, 2006 11:10 am
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Here are my sister and brother (who were twins) in their graduation pictures. (My brother died in 1984)
I framed this in a nice frame for my sister. I hope she likes it. I had pretty much the same hairdo in my senior picture

I didn't have great pictures to start with. She is coming to visit in December. I miss my brother.

The Key Twins Circa 1964
The Key Twins Circa 1964


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