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Well our last road trip in the motor home will start Thursday Mar. 15. We are taking it to a consignment place that has had good success selling RVs for years. I hope it sells soon, but if not, they can store it. Very soft market in RVs right now.

I am trying Express Scripts through the mail, but I am not in love with it, and it does cost for some prescriptions, where now we get them free. So far I think $9 for 3 months is the max, so the conveniece may be worth it, but will have to see. 2 of Roy's scripts are not available through the base, so have to get them elsewhere.

Many things to get done this week.
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Walked the dogs in the hot humid weather.

I am getting ready to vacuum and clean the hard floors today. Also, hopefully wash the dogs first.
Last night we went out and had a hamburger, pretty good.

American Idol was no surprise. Either David deserved it I think. David Cook is probably the most marketable.

Hubby cleaned most of the carpet in the motor home yesterday with our new rug spot cleaner. He just has to clean around the bed which is a narrow strip of carpet. It looks good for 10 year old carpet.
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Back to work today. Just today, then road trip tomorrow after half day at work.
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I just made the bed in the motorhome for our short road trip Thursday.

Hope the weather cooperates. Maybe mdh can fish in that little lake.

I have fishing, but he likes it.
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Yep, it is Saturday. Time to sand poop off perches. Dogs are walked, and then I am going to the grocery store. Usually I don't go, but I said I would today. MDH is in the middle of a kitchen cabinet building project for the neighbors.

They are turning out very nicely, too.

Sometime this weekend, I need to make the bed in the motorhome so we can take it to Florala (Alabama State Park) next week. It is only about 20 miles.
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I took tomorrow off, and we will go over to the Bay at Niceville across the Mid-Bay bridge from Destin.

It might rain, and if it is too bad, we will just come home.

I will take the girls to petsmart and possibly to the State Park to see if we want to camp over there sometime. Can't take them on the beach, so kind of a waste.

Maybe we will go out to dinner. No real decent restaurants around here. I think I want some prime rib.

Make sure all systems are working on the motorhome just in case we should have to evacuate this year.
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Did a half-assed bit of vacuuming. A couple of loads of laundry, etc.

We got the bed switched back to the double mattress in the motor home. We are getting ready to leave for about 6 weeks. We are leaving the 26th of April to go visit our daughter in Virginia, via Gainesville to see some friends for a day or so.

Not visiting our other friends who moved south of Atlanta (Fayetteville) because no motor omes are allowed where they bought. No motor home, no us. Not with the dogs. What the hell were they thinking?
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Back from Sam's Club.

More TP and paper towels for the office. Chicken breasts and beer for us.

Went to Circuit City and those guys don't know about podcasts. So, I am still clueless.

Saw some wireless printers. I am leaning toward a laptop, only setup.

Sure would be easier for me to have just one computer.

I need a portable printer for the motor home. Something a lot smaller than what I saw today. I want an all in one for home, but not for the motor home.

The Antenna cost about $100 to repair. Just cleaned up and re-sealed.

All in all, a lot cheaper with all the repairs than we thought. The rubber roof repair, if and when we decide to do it is another story. About $3800.

Whew. Wait til it leaks, I say.
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Today's project involved sewing. I can not sew. I bought a cheap machine to use for very simple projects like today.

I can maybe sew things together, but I can not make something creative.

The bed in our motor home is a double. When we bought it, I thought it was a queen. Now we are not small people. I can not imagine how people survived with just double size, but I digress;
We just bought a Queen Aero-bed to put where the double bed was. We can not put a regular queen mattress because the room slides in and the bed has to deflate. A queen is too long and would not allow the room to slide in.

I bought sheets and a mattress cover for the queen air bed. (Which seems pretty nice) With an air mattress it is very hard, to impossible, to tuck in the top sheet, so I sewed the top sheet to the fitted sheet. I am thinking this should work. I had an air mattress once before and it was ok.

Since we will be spending over a month is the motorhome in May, I would like to be somewhat comfortable. Next year maybe a few months.

This should work better for us in the motorhome and give us a little more room. Just in case, I still have the double mattress which is a very nice mattress and I will switch it for an old crappy one I have in a spare room.

This air bed inflates itself and you can adjust the hardness of the mattress. Pretty nice for a fairly cheap mattress.

Ok, that is my day


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