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Fort Walton Beach today for Dr. Appt for Roy. Maybe Sams Club, if timing right and prescriptions.

The final disbursement of Roy's mothers trust hit our bank today. The last two times we had a car to pay off and the motorhome, plus buying a house in Destin. We have nothing to pay off this time. Pretty nice. By no means are we rich, but we can get by ok. Just a small amount to finish up all the loose ends to come in April.
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Oh and this week is the final disbursement of Roy's mothers trust. It was split by 1/3 every 5 years for who knows what reason.
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The final disbursement of Roy's mother's trust is supposed to happen next week. She died 10 years ago this month. If Roy had died, it would have gone to his daughter. She already got her half.

Not a huge amount, but a lot to us. Makes our life a little easier, but we have never counted on any of it, so we are doing ok.
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Bridge in town tomorrow. Looks like a week to pick up scripts and other errands. Next week the last disbursement of Roy's moms trust is due to us. For some unknown reason she left half to Roy's daughter (well both kids, but his son died when he was 21) and she got the whole thing in one lump sum in 2002. That is a whole other story, she went through it and spent it so it really only lasted a couple of years. Roys part his mother and father had left him 1/3 then 1/3 every 5 years, so this is the last of it. It really took a hit a few times with the stock market, but still, we were not counting on the money anyway, so we still have a little left from the last disbursement. Too bad Roy's daughter has decided to not be in touch. We might have shared a little with her, but not now.

Anyway, found money which makes life easier for us. Not a lot, but we are thankful he lived long enough to collect it, lol.


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