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Mar. 8th, 2013 06:10 am
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My friends art sculpture (ugly egg) sold! I can not believe we actually got the reserve price for it. What a cluster ---- that turned out to be. I schlepped it down to the local UPS place to let them pack it, found out they will not insure it because it is ceramic and not in the original packing, which it probably never had, then I had to go to U-Haul to get my own box because they did not have one big enough. Now the buyer has requested a tracking number which they never gave us, so I will try to get that today. What a pia this turned out to be. I just know it will probably get broken in transit the way it is starting out. No good deed goes unpunished.

Lunch at the neighbors today, I think they might have ordered some lunches that are a fund raiser for the school or something.


Jul. 13th, 2010 06:15 am
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I ordered some software on ebay and paid on June 17. It stated that they owned the software and it would be mailed out as soon as paid. It never came, I wrote and they kept giving me bs stories and how it was in the mail, etc. Nothing. They sent me a bogus tracking number. Finally, I contacted ebay and holy cow!! They found in my favor and refunded my money in about 12 hours. Now that is impressive. I wrote and told them so, too, and they answered me. I have dealt with ebay customer support in the distant past and no love, but this was really great.

This transaction is the only one I have had go really bad since about 1999.
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Walked the dogs.

New washer is coming today. I can not believe the money we have spent on washing machines, this one better work or they will be fixing it forever.

One scum bag on ebay has not paid yet. Today is the third day. The next guy who bid will get a chance tomorrow.
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My ebay items all have bids. The one cell phone I bought as a spare has more bid on it than I paid for it. However, my old phone which is in fine shape has only one bid and it is 3 times the phone as the one that has a lot bid on it. Granted, my phone is used, but it looks brand new, and like I said, is 3 times the phone. Oh well.
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We are really getting the rain now. No walk today. I did go out to the mail box to mail the air card I sold on ebay. The guy was in a hurry to get it, offered me $50 so I sold it. Those air cards sure sell cheap.

My old cell has lots of activity, and even my old analog phone got a bid.

Won't be much going on here today.
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All my auctions are over. Only one little decorative plate did not sell.

Stuff is ready to mail. Just need the money!!!
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Finally I finished the auctions. 5-6 is all I want to do at one time. I get on a kick and get rid of stuff every once in while. This is one of those times. Hope they bring me a little cash.

No road trip this week. Friends want us to get their mail looks like after the14th. We need them to feed our birds, so will wait until they come home.


Oct. 4th, 2008 11:06 am
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So today I am getting ready to put up a few more auctions on ebay. I have a Tom Tom GPS that we have only used a few times, and really don't need, so I think I will try to recoup some of the money I spent on it.

And a couple of other useless collectibles that are just taking up space.

I really like playing with the GPS but we have not traveled enough to use it much.

For only 5-6 things, this takes some time to take the pics, write the descriptions and put them on. I always like to have a weekend end time, too.

If you got paid by the hour, you wouldn't make much. It is fun to have auctions up and see what they bring, though.
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My last auction finally paid!! Yea!

I love the US mail pick up service. So handy. Also being able to purchase postage on line is another bonus.

the two 'free' items that came with my oreck vacuum are sold and gone!!

Our friends were in Destin briefly this week, but couldn't find a time to get together. Sometimes friends are very disappointing.

Oh, Bug Guy is coming today. I called because I found about 3 roaches in the house in the past month. Ewwww. Not good. Also, it is time for the annual termite inspection. I pay an annual termite fee so they insure against termite damage. I had the ground treated before we moved the mobile onto the site. A good precaution here in Florida. Mandatory if you finance,which we didn't, but a good idea anyway.

I also have an annual bug contract because I live in Florida, and there are bugs, no matter what. It has proven to be money well spent, IMHO.!!

Walked the dogs.


Sep. 17th, 2008 07:18 am
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Walked dogs, vacuumed and am washing dog beds.

Might dust, might not. Will see how the day plays out.

All my auctions from ebay have paid except one deadbeat.

They are all mailed, or will be when the mail person picks them up today.

It was 61 degrees out this morning!
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Walked dogs.

Cleaning bird cage again today to get back into the routine.

All my auctions on ebay end today. Only 5, but I am pleased.

That is it from here.

I am guessing Ike's name will be retired.


Sep. 13th, 2008 07:15 am
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All my stuff has bids on it. I should sell everything I own and start over! Well, maybe not.
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Dogs walked.

Last ebay customer finally paid so the last package from last weeks auctions is going out today.

One item this week. A fish finder someone gave to us. It has 4 bids already.

Me? I am a sniper. I have auctions I really want to win sniped at the very end.

Road Trip

Jul. 8th, 2008 07:05 am
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Walked dogs, cleaned birds, picked up neighbors mail, and put out ebay packages. 2 have paid and 1 I haven't heard from, and 1 insists on a check , so she will have to wait for her package.

Tomorrow we will go up to Florala for a couple of days. We can meet my old office buddy for dinner.

The excitement never ends.

One of my friends is going through a very rough time right now with their pet. I wish I could help, but nothing much helps in times like this.


Jul. 5th, 2008 10:38 am
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I have 4 things on ebay for sale and all 4 have bids!!! Three old software things and one electronic gadget. People will buy anything.


Jul. 8th, 2007 08:10 am
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My old camera is over $60 now on ebay. Auction closes today. it is a little more than I expected, so I am happy.

Buy high, sell low. LOL

It's fun to watch an auction on ebay.


Jun. 30th, 2007 06:30 am
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Wash going, cleaning to do, bird poop to sand off perches.

Then I am going to get my new glasses which are in.

This week is all goofed up due to trip to Sam's and working Friday.

I will be off next week for 5 days. I don't want to spend the whole time cleaning.

My camera on Ebay has a bid!! I put it up for a 10 day auction so it would end on the weekend.

Someone is going to get a very good deal.


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