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BeBe is doing even better today. Back to playing and being her normal self. The vets office in Jacksonville called to see how she was doing. Nice touch. Also, I had to call the office today to clarify one of her meds dose and the veterinarian wanted to ask about her, so he got on the line and sounded very pleased with her progress. I am glad that they seem to really care. He did a good job fixing what was wrong, IMHO.

It is beautiful weather here, no humidity. I know it won't last, but I am glad to be here and the weather makes it better.

Next week we have to take the motorhome in to have the brakes fixed/replaced and dash air fixed. That will be nice and expensive. It is like something wants to suck our already small bank account inside out.

We filled the motorhome yesterday to be ready for hurricane season. $172.00.

TV guy is scheduled to come from 10-12. Think that will happen?

I got my refund from when I had the cable shut off, just in time to have it turned back on.

We are already planning another trip just up the road to Florala. The Alabama State park on a lake we like. Very short trip only about 20 miles. Far enough.

Hopefully I will get the RV cleaned before then, lol.

Our neighbors who got rid of their dog house also landscaped their place a little. Looks good. I think their kids moved out, too. Less cars.

We are thinking of buying the lot next door to us, or at least making an offer. It just went up on the market. We could use it to park the motorhome on, if nothing else. Also keep someone from building next to us. We will see. We might make a low ball offer. With the market the way it is, they should be glad to get even that.
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We will be home tomorrow. BeBe is doing well, but we thought that before, too. She is ravenous and we are giving her small meals of cooked chicken and rice. We are weaning her off the prednisone and her water intake has slowed down a little. She is so hungry that she will eat the medication if I put food around it. Good thing. She can not have peanut butter yet, too much fat.

She was a little overweight before, and now she looks skinny like when we got her. Hopefully she is on the mend and will put the weight back on as soon as she resumes normal eating habits.

Thanks everyone for all the good wishes. It has been a nightmare, but things are looking better now.

Burn out

Apr. 27th, 2008 08:18 am
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We took BeBe home last night, then back to the hospital today for more IV's to heal her stomach. She is doing well but has lost about 7 pounds which is quite a bit and her backbone is showing again. She was like that when we got her.

She is doing better and not vomiting, so we are taking her home tomorrow. She is so hungry, poor thing, but could have nothing by mouth except a tiny bit of water.

Hopefully this will fix her. We will all be glad to be home. The trip would have been great except for the past couple of weeks with a sick dog.

Thanks for all the support. Hopefully my melt-downs are over.


Apr. 26th, 2008 03:50 pm
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We are at Flamingo Lake RV Resort in Jacksonville, FL. BeBe got sick last night, and not to give too much info, but she is bleeding into her stomach from the prednisone she was given, which apparently affects some dogs like that because they can not tolerate it. She has to be taken off gradually or it does bad things to you. Apparently worse than it already has. This is such a nightmare. We are 35 miles away. We have to pick her up tonight and take her back tomorrow. Petsmart has no one there to watch the animals in the evening. Another issue. We have got to get this poor dog home!! I have made up my mind to go Monday if she is able to travel. I know some of you really care, and I thank you for that. I had a minor melt down today at the vets. I told them what I thought of their animal hospital not having access to the building at night.

Just the minute she is better we are out of here.

Not Good

Apr. 26th, 2008 05:35 am
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BeBe is sick again. We are trying to figure out what to do.
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We are back in Florida at St. Augustine. We will probably not do much sight seeing, but might come back one day. Tomorrow we are going to our friends and then leave for home Monday and plan on being home Tuesday.

It is starting to get pretty hot now, and our dash air doesn't work so we have to run the generator and use the coach A/C. It will be fine, but when it gets really hot, you need both if the sun is shining on you in the front.

We are like horses headed for the barn, we are both ready for space and and all our creature comforts, such as 2 bathrooms, lol.

BeBe is doing very well and I know the dogs will be glad to see their yard, and the birds will love having their big space back.

Next trip, I want a destination trip. Go somewhere and stay for a while and come home. I am tired of moving every day or two.


Apr. 24th, 2008 01:53 pm
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We are 30 miles from the Florida State Line, Brunswick, GA at Golden Isles RV Park. Ok Park, it has cable!! A little crowded but the price is right. Only 111 miles to St. Augustine tomorrow, then to our friends and heading home.

BeBe continues to get better. I am so thankful.

The weather is so much warmer now than it has been. Back to normal for this time of year. Hot and Humid.
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We are leaving tomorrow to head to St. Augustine and to our friends as long as BeBe continues to improve. She has really come around. Two more weeks of medication, but she is eating well and is more stable on her feet every day. If the traveling proves hard for her, we will head straight home. She should be ok. She can lay down while we are traveling.

I will be glad to be home. I am starting to feel cramped.

New Phone

Apr. 21st, 2008 12:20 pm
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Hubby's phone died. We went down, extended our contract to get the deal on a phone today. It was about 4-5 years old and we had already replaced the battery. I love the new features in the last couple of years.

Voice calling for one thing. Mine doesn't have any of that. Also a 4X zoom on the camera. My fancy Nokia I got 2 years ago so I could tether my computer is not even available. Alltel no longer used Nokias.

I finished up the laundry today and we plan on leaving Wednesday. The dog is doing very well so we might even stop and see our friends.

We are happy the dog is doing so well.
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BeBe did very well on her first short walk since we got her back from the vet. She seems to be improving well. No more vomiting and she is eating, even though I have not tried dog food yet. She is eating dog biscuits now.

I think all your good thoughts really worked! Thanks.

Trader and BeBe Myrtle Beach Trader and BeBe Myrtle Beach
Trader and BeBe Myrtle Beach Trader and BeBe Myrtle Beach

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BeBe is continuing to improve and is eating better. I have cooked boiled chicken and rice and she ate quite a bit this morning. She is keeping down her meds, too. I think that vet nailed what was wrong, even as skeptical as I was about it.

We willl leave here Wednesday for home. That should give her plenty of time to recover a little more before traveling.


Apr. 18th, 2008 12:56 pm
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The vet called and she got BeBe's fever to come down, but she is still not right neurologically and no one knows why. We are hoping that with antibiotic and steroid IV's it will improve. We will go get her at 5PM and keep her overnight or take her to the emergency vet, whatever.

Thank you for all the good thoughts, I will update, but not answer individually since I am not in a very good mood right now. I so appreciate all of you that care, and maybe even the ones who do not.
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BeBe is at the vets and they have her on Ivs trying to get her temp down. It was up from yesterday 104.

Neurologically something is wrong she could tell by her eyes darting, that was not happening yesterday. She did not know if the temp was causing it and will let us know if they find anything. In the mean time, the campground has allowed us to stay (we are paying for it, believe me) until Wed. After 6 days, the 7th is free.

Will let you know what happens.
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After we got home from the vet yesterday evening, BeBe acted almost like she had a stroke. She is wobbly, and her eyes are darting. She might be a little better today, but she can not walk very well and going up the stairs to the motorhome is not good. MDH had to carry her. He has her back at the vet today, we don't know if it is the antibiotics, or what. She took the same antibiotic last year and the same strength and it was fine. Then maybe she injured herself running at the dog walk a few weeks ago? We have no clue. I am staying here in the motorhome with Trader while she is at the vet.

The park did allow us another day and were nice about it.

If and when we get BeBe some help, we are going home.
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This place can not figure out how to give us another night. They are not very customer oriented.

A very nice man and his daughter were a great help in finding us a vet. She is blind and has a seeing eye dog, so I thought they would know where to go.

They even offered to drive us there which we declined, but still very nice of them.
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I think I mentioned that BeBe was not eating. It has been dragging on for about 5-6 days, so I took her to the vet at Petsmart in Myrtle Beach today. We had very competent treatement and $229 later I don't know any more than before except they could only find an elevated temp, no high white cells, or anything in her blood, so hopefully the antibiotics will take care of whatever it is. No parasites, nothing.

The good news is: I fell asleep listening to the ocean last night.

We still plan on heading to St. Augustine.

A few pics later. Today was taken up with vet visits.

We might stay here another day. Will see.
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We are here, right across the burm from the Atlantic Ocean. Coolish here today. Very nice with lots of sunshine. This place is like Destin, only bigger and on a different body of water. This is a huge campground and is surprisingly full. Too many kids around. Why aren't they in school?
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Cool and beautiful here in North Carolina today.

BeBe is not eating very well. I hope she gets out of her funk soon.

I found a couple of ticks on the dogs from when we were in Virginia, ick.

They were dead, so the stuff we put on them once a month works.

Now to figure out where to go tomorrow.


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