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The vacuuming and dusting are done and the dog beds are washed. Tomorrow just leaves last minute things for the motor home and then off to Pensacola on Thursday. If I didn't have a computer, my house would be a lot cleaner.

I guess I will drag Tom Tom out and find Sam's club in Pensacola.

The next week MDH has to update his ID Card to reflect he is going to be 65 in July and it changes his health care to medicare and Tri-Care as the secondary.

Still get the free Rx.

Wow, when did we get so old?

We are back

Apr. 1st, 2007 12:04 pm
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The air bed worked, but we hated sleeping on it, so the regular mattress goes back in the motor home tomorrow.

Nice trip, met some nice people.

No other RVers had big dogs like ours, lol. They are a lot smarter than we are.

Home and doing the laundry so we will be ready to go the end of April.

My SS papers came back, all is set to go in July.

The main thing is getting my birth certificate. They are hard to get because I was adopted. I have to go through the state of Calif to get it.
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Work has been very slow. Yesterday I did not have enough to do.

The Social Security person, Angela, called me yesterday. She got my paperwork and my on line application, and it was all fine she said. She just had a couple of questions, like:

Why I had a few years with no income at all. (We were full-timing at the time and traveling around the country)

My SS starts in July. I can only earn so much money this year. My gross per month is already too high, so it is a good thing we are taking about 6 weeks off.

I did not think this year would matter since it doesn't start until July, but it does.

Working part time should work out about right money wise.

Oh, road trip this week-end I think. Going over to East Bank Campground on Lake Seminole, just across the Georgia state line. We park right on the lake.

It is a Corps of Engineer park so our Golden Age Passport works there. Half price on the campground, $8 per night. A good deal and only about 100 miles from here.

Mdh can fish with a Florida license there. (I don't like to fish)

We can try out the new air mattress. I hope it works.
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I have two certified copies of my birth certificate. When I went on the cruise in 1984 I sent for another one because in lieu of a passport, they allowed a birth certificate and that is when I found out how hard it is for an adopted person to get a birth certificate in California. I never knew you had to go through the State and not just where you were born.

I had to send a copy off to Social Security today and I am glad I have another copy. I will take it by the post office tomorrow to send it certified mail.

Old Lady

Mar. 15th, 2007 03:54 pm
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Today I filed for my Social Security. I can start collecting in July of this year.

Hopefully I will still be working so will be a nice little bonus, but even if I am not working, it will be nice.

I want to work, but don't know if my boss will want me gone for 45 days. He says he is fine with it, but we will see.

I also am finishing up with my pool guy. Now when I leave, I won't have to worry about that getting done. I have caught him up through March, and I told him in January.

Housework is done. We might have another Greyhound here Saturday for a few hours. He has a bum leg, and there is a walk going on that his owner is taking her other dog to. We will watch him for her.

Lunch tomorrow with friends. (The ones who are deserting us)


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