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We have loads of tomatoes coming, zucchini, and cucumbers.

Our neighbors really like us this time of year.

I made yummy zucchini bread yesterday and gave half away. A fritata is next I think.
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We just ate the first strawberry from our strawberry beds Roy planted last year. Yummy. A little tart, but delicious.

Now hopefully the rest will be just as good.
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We got our first tomato today. It is sitting on the counter waiting to ripen a little more, then, yum!!!
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Raining here today. I guess we have another cold front on the way. I hope it doesn't freeze.

Our garden is now fenced. Roy planted garlic and onions and we have new tomato and pepper plants to replace the ones in the tubs that froze. Also some strawberry plants.

Now just put in manure and seeds and we will have a garden.

It is a small one. About 12X12 I think.
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Our container garden is starting to produce. The tomatoes are wonderful and there are many more coming. We picked our first bell pepper and it was so sweet. The lantana is taking over the place!!! The plants are much larger now. There is one lemon tree waiting to go in the ground. Hubby started them from seeds. They made it through the winter and he put one in the ground earlier in the year. This one needs to go in soon.

I washed dog beds today and made a cake. Seems like I wash dog beds every other day. I try to only do it once a week, but sometimes they just can not wait.

More bridge this afternoon, maybe.

Tomatoes Tomatoes
Tomatoes, pepper, Lantana Tomatoes, pepper, Lantana


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