Oct. 24th, 2008 12:15 pm
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Two tracks around here close for the holiday season, Ebro and Pensacola. There is a glut of dogs needing foster homes at that time because the trainers then give up their unwanted dogs.

We have room to foster, but can not go anywhere in the motor home with 3 dogs. Two is the absolute limit, trust me on that.

Should we volunteer to foster another one? The need is just so great.
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Here is a link to today's Meet and Greet. Big turn out. Trader made a few friends, but no takers yet, so this just may be his last one.
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Oh, and we have almost, probably, maybe, decided if Trader doesn't get any prospective home today, he is probably a permanent fixture at this household. Gee, what a surprise.
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Well, almost time to walk the dogs. It will be light enough in about 20+ minutes.

[ profile] kjaz reminded me that there is a telescope in Tucson, also. Kitt Peak. It is about 50 miles from Tucson. We have been by it, but never visited it. Might keep that in mind for our trip.
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As I said, Trader's last Meet and Greet before we go is probably next Saturday. It is not looking good for us around here. MDH just made a new wooden name sign for him. We have a name sign we use in a campground sometimes that hangs on the front of the Motor home. Hanging from that are bone shaped signs with the dogs names on them. We had one for Sandy and BeBe. Now we have BeBe and Trader.

We suck at fostering. We are very close to failing fostering, again!!!

We had a large piece of indoor outdoor carpet we carry to use under the awning if we are parked for a length of time. We have not used it yet, but it took up a lot of room, so it is now cut in half. It really is nice in some campgrounds to have something to keep the dirt out.

I have loaded my extra printer and a few odds and ends I might want. I will change the ink jets when we actually get going. They dry up just sitting there, and they are way too expensive to waste.

I am taking all my gadgets with me. Ipod, cameras, Gps, etc. I hear all the generators getting their monthly test runs.
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Scraped poop off perches, walked dogs, and now I am not going to do any more work. Just goof off and read LJ.

I installed MS streets and trips 2007 on the laptop, but the desktop won't read the disk at all. Very strange. It reads all the others, but not this one. I guess I will just have 2005 on the desktop.

The GPS receiver works great with 2007 (came with 2005) so we are set. TomTom for the small picture, Streets and trips for the big picture, and in case that doesn't work, we actually have an atlas, lol.

Baby steps, we might just get out of the driveway.

Next Saturday is another Meet and Greet in Panama City. One last hurrah to try to find Trader another home besides ours. If it doesn't work soon, he will be the most traveled Foster in the program.

He is getting to the point of no return already. After putting all this effort into him, we might as well keep him, and this out of hubby's mouth.
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Just a few thoughts on our upcoming trip.

The last time we really traveled full-time was in 1994. We didn't have cell phones, GPS, computers that hooked up to the internet. (At least not in our RVs.) How did we do it?

I am using the same mail forwarding service that I used then.
So far, the furthest we have gotten on any kind of route is: West on I10 to Blythe Calif, north to I40 and West to somewhere that goes to northern part of state. Probably will go over to the coast and up.

All this depends on whether we can handle the birds and both dogs and ourselves in a pretty small Class A Motor home. This will be the smallest RV we have traveled in with the most animals. We had one small black poodle and no birds when we traveled before. This time we want to spend some time in different areas and see some different spots.

The 'engineer in charge of wasted space' has done a pretty good job of making more storage by putting in doors for access, and shelving, plus slide out drawers for easier access.

Our first mail pick up will be in Livingston Texas where we used to live. That is the headquarters for the Escapees Club and the mail service.

We will see Biloxi, MS and New Orleans for the first time since Katrina.

We will probably just drive through most of the National Parks we want to see since the dogs will be with us and can not go anywhere except the parking lots at most of them. We hope to stay again at Grand Teton NP, that is one of our favorites if we get that far.

Notice I say dogs in plural. I am pretty sure Trader has become a fixture. One more meet and greet and we will see. He doesn't like the M&Gs. Too much going on and he gets too excited, which sets off MDH. It will be easier on all of us just to adopt him, lol.
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Just made reservations at a campground that we get 50% off of because we belong to a discount campground club in Dothan Alabama for next weekend.

We try to support the gal that lives there who puts on the Meet and Greet at Petsmart in Dothan. Not many dogs in that area, so support is hard to come by.
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We are going to try to get a campground Fri and Sat night so we can go the Meet and Greet at Petsmart in Destin Saturday. This will be Trader's first camping trip, should be interesting.
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Trader did well at his first M&G. He didn't bite anyone. Lots of interest in the dogs, and a good turnout, but no takers on Trader. His time will come.

BeBe in her Santa hat and Trader with his bandana.

Donation Dog and friend

Two seniors, (over 7)

Hurry Up!

Dec. 4th, 2007 12:10 pm
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I hope someone adopts Trader soon!! We like him better every day. We really don't need to adopt another dog!!! We can do so much more good by fostering, but....
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You know, sometimes I don't want to take the dog/dogs for a walk, but they won't leave me alone until I do.

They love routine. Trader is doing much better on the leash. Not pulling like he was. BeBe is a very calming influence on him.

It is not fun to have a 65# dog pulling on a leash.
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For days I have been consumed with "Dog Duties".
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Nothing much going on with Trader today, and that is a very good thing. He is very curious, and pulls on the leash a lot. He has a long way to go as far as walks. BeBe helps calm him down a lot.

It is not a pleasure to walk a 65# dog that is pulling and pure muscle. I remember BeBe had to learn, so hopefully he will learn quickly.

Since we had to make a trip to the vet yesterday, I will try to get caught up.

I don't have any wrapping paper or tape. I have to get some and mail my gifts to my sister. The daughter will get a check, and not a very big one I am afraid.
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Much as we are liking Trader, we want to really concentrate on finding his forever home so we can continue to foster a couple of times a year. That is where the most need is.

When we got BeBe and immediately failed fostering, it was a different situation.

She was pretty shy, and does not adjust to strangers well. She still is hesitant which is why she is a rare watchdog in the greyhound world.

I just did not want to upset her life any more.

I think this boy would adapt anywhere and make the very best pet.

That is my story and I am sticking to it!!
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The other foster, Dolly, was very skinny. Trader is in excellent shape. His hair is shiny and he has muscles on muscles. Our BeBe is a little heavy, but we have cut back on her food. She used to clean up when Sandy didn't eat all hers, so she could lose a few pounds.

Trader also had his first bath yesterday. He smelled like a dog kennel, imagine that. He did well through all of it, and slept his first night.

He seems like a very good fit so far. BeBe is totally accepting him and not hiding in the other room. She is the boss of him, I am pretty sure.

He is a riot. He has found every single toy and spread them through the house. He is discovering glass and mirrors. He is kind of afraid of the dog door so far.

Today we are having some severe thunder storms.

Today I am going to clean the bathrooms, dust and play with the dogs.

I can see this boy weaseling into our hearts. We must be strong and make room for more dogs.


Nov. 25th, 2007 06:28 am
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I got hold of the adoption/foster coordinator last night, and he was just great. He said it happens some times and she just needs to find the right home. Possibly one with a male or no other animals. He assured us she would be just fine. She goes back to the pet kennel this morning. The pet kennel is where the organization keeps the dogs looking for fosters or forever homes.

She really is a sweet dog and they will find the right home for her.

I specifically asked for a female to foster this time, but I have to rethink that. Looks like we need a male. They get along better than two females. We got spoiled with BeBe and Sandy.

We feel kind of like we failed, but we don't see any other option at this point. Dolly will be just fine and will find her forever home.
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I feel like the worst person in the world. Bringing in a dog that attacked my dog. Luckily she seems ok, but pretty traumatized. Dolly gets a muzzle and goes back to the organization. She will have to go to a home without other animals next time. At least she will not be destroyed.
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Well, Dolly just bit BeBe and put a good size hole in her ear. It bled like crazy, but I got it stopped and she should be ok. It was unprovoked, too. I feel terrible, but I can not have the dog attacking my dog, so she is going back tomorrow, if I can reach someone.
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Dogs are walked, dog beds in the dryer, and birds about to have their perches scraped.

Dolly has diarrhea. It happens with every new dog, even though we hope it doesn't. It is probably stress and diet change. I gave her imodium.

The good part is: She warned me when she had to go out, and that was 5-6 times during the night. I slept on the couch and left her out of her crate.

It could have been a lot worse. She did really good.

Sometimes fostering has it's challenges.


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