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bridge yesterday was pretty good with a couple of blips, but turned out ok. Then we went out to a nice restaurant a group goes to every so often. Early bird special is prime rib and very good. It was nice to have company (good) for dinner. Then home to my anxious little whiner. She is always so glad to see me. I feel guilty leaving her sometimes.
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I went to the Senior Center yesterday and played some pinochle. I have not played in over 20 or so years. I really just went to watch and see if I wanted to do it for fun, and ended up filling in. Met a couple of nice people, there were only 4 playing yesterday. It was fun and I remembered more than I thought I would. Something different.

Water aerobics today, odds and ends. Bridge tomorrow. I don't have a lot planned for today, so that is good.
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What do some of you object to in the tos on Live Journal? I know some are going to other sites, and I personally do not think my journal is that important to me or anyone else to try to preserve it. I tried reading the tos but kind of ended up skimming over it, so please point me to the offensive parts. Thanks

I texted with my sister yesterday. First time ever. I did talk to her on the phone a few months ago. So far we have not pissed each other off again. Her husband is in a nursing home. Sounds like she has had a rough time of it lately, but she is doing better.

2 bridge dates this week. Tomorrow the Generac (whole house generator) guy is coming for maintenance a possible recall problem. Also lawn guy is coming. Roy used to do all these things and now I have to pay for them.
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My back has hurt for days. It is getting much better, but why do I have to put up with that? Easter was nice and good friends were here for the first time in a while.

I found out that when you are over 70, you do not have to serve on a jury. You fill out the form and you don't have to go. I have only served a couple of times, and I really do not want to go and fight the traffic to get into our courthouse, then sit for hours. That is one of the few perks of being over 70.

I need to go put my suit on for water aerobics, my friend will be here soon so we can go.

It makes my back feel better which is a good thing. Some days are achier than others.
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There will be 5 of us for Easter at my house. First dinner I have had without Roy, but it will be nice to have friends over.

No bridge dates for next week One club is closed because a few people are going to Gatlinburg, TN for a tournament.

Lately it seems some old friends (and new) have just dropped off the face of the Earth. I have not heard from a few of them. What's up with that I wonder?

My back hurts. This happened once or twice before. Hopefully it will get better in a day or two.
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A month ago I heard some noises under my master bath. Sounded like some kind of critter. I stomped on the floor and did not hear it again until Sunday, same thing. Sounded like it was banging the pipes around. Possibly a rat or squirrel or... ? Anyway, I thought my bug guy did not do anything but bugs, but I did not know who to call, so I called the bug office to get a name to call. They do cover mice and rats, so they came out yesterday and set a couple of traps. We do not know for sure what it is, but traps are set now. I am glad I called them.

Poison bait is out of the question since whatever it is could eat it, die in the yard and the dog might eat it, so traps are the only option. I was feeling pretty down about one more thing I would have to pay for, but this one is already paid. My bug/termite guy is not something I feel I can cut back on.
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Mediocre game of bridge yesterday. I played in Destin. I have not been there for quite a while. No wins, just in the middle. Phooey.

I did get to stop at one of my favorite grocery stores, Publix. When I lived in Destin, I shopped there all the time. I got a small ham for Easter. I am having Turkey breast also since one of my friends does not eat Turkey I have a little ham in the freezer, but needed a little more. I did not get a big spiral sliced one, way too expensive for me.

Thursday I will go back to Destin to play again. Nothing for next week yet. We will wait and see.
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I got a letter yesterday about a possible problem with my whole house generator. Now that is one of the most expensive things I have so I can not ignore it. I called the company that installed it to come out to check it. If the problem exists, there is no charge. If it does not exist, there is an $80 charge. That seems unfair to me. At the same time I am going to have them do the maintenance on it. We have the maintenance kit Roy bought it and was planning on doing it himself. Unfortunately, I will just have to pay for this since I can't ignore it.

Dog beds are clean, my sheets are in the washer, and a few other chores I hope will get done later. I slept in until 5am today. Honey does not usually get up until after I do. I sincerely hope she is not bored to death with just the two of us. I just can't have two since I could not even put two in my car comfortably.

Went to lunch with a friend yesterday after bridge. It was nice to have company.
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I have not posted much lately. I have been just living my life, staying home a lot, and wondering where my friends are, and why I have not heard from many of them. Storm coming through today, so no big plans this week either.
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The partner I played bridge with on Saturday is a very good player. Much more advanced than I am. She is great to play with, too. I learn so much from her. We won Saturday. Now, I am not the world's worst player, but not nearly as good as she is, and I consider myself lucky she has been playing with me lately, it improves my game.

She sent me a very nice text last night after she saw our results from Saturday. She said she always enjoys playing with me and likes my sense of humor and table presence. I can't remember the last time I got such a nice compliment. She made me feel so good!!
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Another night spent with a tech from the cable company. They were late and did not get to my house until 8:30PM! My modem seemed to be faulty. They showed a good signal, the modem would not pick it up. Then my router would not go on. I bought a new modem and router at Walmart yesterday and planned on taking one back once I found the problem, but when he got here, we decided the quickest and easiest, after testing the modem, was to use their modem/router combo. Even though I would have to pay monthly for the equipment, I had enough after going all day with no service. He installed theirs, and all is up and running now. PIA

Won the game at bridge Saturday, and am playing at friends tomorrow and going to club later in week.

Today is all about returning the equipment I do not need to Walmart.
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Clean beds for both of us!! Just finished washing Honey's beds yesterday and washed my sheets today, so we both have clean beds.

Ordered a few needed things from Amazon. I have to be very careful to not over spend. I am trying to watch every penny, with some success. I remind myself that I am luckier than many people. I have a roof over my head, and I could do better if I did not have cable and a smart phone, etc. Oh well, that is the way it is.

Easter, I am having a couple of friends over for dinner. The first time I have had company since Roy died. I am glad they could come.

Couple of bridge dates next week, and one tomorrow. Did not play this week.
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Yesterday's bridge tournament was a bust. My partner (and friend) is just learning, I get that, but made at least 3 errors from carelessness. Just not a good day at all for bridge.

Lunch with friends today.
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What is wrong with people?? Why can't they be on time? Housekeeper is actually 5 days late,(that is another story, she called me after she was due to tell me she would not be here) said she would get here at 7am. It is almost 7:30. Also, I am waiting to take my friend to water aerobics, and she is late, too. Am I the only one up this am? How hard is it to be on time? Make the effort.
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What the heck?? It's raining. I checked the weather and was not expecting rain. Oh well. My time table is off kilter just like every year when we go to daylight savings time. When will we learn? What a waste of time, lol.

Well, I hit the wrong buttons on my cable remote Friday and got nothing. I tried fooling around to make it work, but no joy. Called the tech support, what a waste of time. I told them I had probably hit some wrong buttons, but do they listen? No. She tried re-booting, nothing worked so she is sending someone out today. 48 hours later, some service. Why the heck didn't she walk me through resetting the remote like I told her I thought was the problem. Anyway I tried a lot of things, then yesterday I went online to see if I could find out anything. I got a few instructions, and now it all works again, but I am not cancelling the appointment. I am going to make them show me the correct steps. I did print it out, but maybe they know even more tricks. It is working now anyway.

A few things going on this week. Bridge in FWB, pool for water aerobics, a friends birthday lunch, and a tournament next weekend. I am only playing in one session for this one with my friend I am teaching to play bridge.
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Handman came yesterday. Mowed the whole lot, weed eated, swept out Roy's shop (which just has a few things left in it) Did a few other odds and ends and worked for about 15 hours over 2 days. Now I can't afford for him to come and work that much, but these things needed to be done. I am going to try to have him come for 4-5 hours twice a month. I know the lawn will need mowing that often. He trimmed a few things, too. He is a hard worker. Amazing how much Roy did around here. I sold most all the tools including the lawn mower that I could not seem to steer. If I was mowing, it would take a totally different and expensive mower. This guy uses a (gas) push mower.
Today my friend and I are going to the pool for water aerobics. I have not been for over a month. I don't like going to the indoor pool in Crestview, but I need to do something.
Honey is not eating today. I hope she feels better tonight. She doesn't act sick, sometimes her tummy just rumbles. She was out running this morning.
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I had to go to ups yesterday to deliver the Dish Network packages I am sending back their equipment in since I went back to cable. I am saving a little, at least for this year.

The UPS place is in the gun store where I took Roy's guns to sell on consignment. I had not heard from them so I asked if any sold. One did. I asked why no one called me. The owners wife said she always called and just once, I said I never got a message, she said I will not argue with you!!!???. I told her I am just telling you I never got a message, no argument. Anyway then she asked if I wanted a check now, or when they all sold. Ha, ha. I said now would be good. Not a lot, but more than when I went in there. I know now to check once in a while.
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Had lunch out for a friend's birthday yesterday after bridge class at the college. Not much going on all week then 2 things in one day! I have not been playing as much bridge, kind of taking a little break.

I might call this one gal I like to play with and see how her husband did with his check up and find out if she is free to play. We had such a good partnership the last time we played and she is an excellent player. I can learn so much from her.

I have quite a few little chores to get done today.

The handyman I use is really a scatterbrain! He was supposed to come Wednesday, he got everything screwed up (this happened before, too) and did not come. I had just talked to him the day before. I am giving him a calendar if I ever see him again. He is supposed to come next week. I have a few things for him to do and to at least mow the back yard, clean shed, etc. I can not afford him too much but it would be nice if he came when I had money to pay him.
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The spring flowers are starting to come out. The grass needs cutting already. What a warm winter we had. Now I have to get hold of the handyman (and to make sure I have the money to pay him) I want the yard done, and Roy's shop to be cleaned and swept and just neatened up. I have only been in it once or twice, so it just sits there.

The back yard that is fenced needs cutting the most. That and the small side yard. Honey has access to them, and they need cutting. I played bridge at the Senior Center yesterday. It was good to see some old friends. I am kind of on a bridge sabbatical right now, lol.

I am thinking of a trip out west and wondering if I am up to it. It would be easier without the dog, but I don't want to leave her for that long, and she would probably love it. I can not think of any friends who might want to go with me, so it would probably be just Honey and I. I will keep thinking of it. If we go, it probably should be soon. Maybe I will just go up to Fredericksburg to see the granddaughter.


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