Mar. 12th, 2017

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What the heck?? It's raining. I checked the weather and was not expecting rain. Oh well. My time table is off kilter just like every year when we go to daylight savings time. When will we learn? What a waste of time, lol.

Well, I hit the wrong buttons on my cable remote Friday and got nothing. I tried fooling around to make it work, but no joy. Called the tech support, what a waste of time. I told them I had probably hit some wrong buttons, but do they listen? No. She tried re-booting, nothing worked so she is sending someone out today. 48 hours later, some service. Why the heck didn't she walk me through resetting the remote like I told her I thought was the problem. Anyway I tried a lot of things, then yesterday I went online to see if I could find out anything. I got a few instructions, and now it all works again, but I am not cancelling the appointment. I am going to make them show me the correct steps. I did print it out, but maybe they know even more tricks. It is working now anyway.

A few things going on this week. Bridge in FWB, pool for water aerobics, a friends birthday lunch, and a tournament next weekend. I am only playing in one session for this one with my friend I am teaching to play bridge.


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