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I should have known things would not go smoothly. Cable came out to re-connect the cable and Dish Network is toast. However, whoever took the order decided I wanted my internet terminated!!! WTF? That would be the last thing I wanted to go. It took forever and I had to call the Customer (Service, lol) center for them to turn it back on!! The installers could not do it. Anyway, now when it rains, I should have TV. I really need to look into something else, but I am already tired of dealing with it. Unfortunately, I watch a lot of TV, if just for the noise in the house.
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Today I am going back to cable from Dish Network. A couple of things I liked better about Dish Network, but I am saving about $40 per month with new options. Also, a channel I wanted would have cost $10 more per month at Dish with about 7 others I did not even want, etc. etc. Too bad TV is such a big part of my entertainment. I am also getting their DVR. Some of the things I hated about cable have not changed. One is I could not record on my recorder unless it was on the station I wanted to record which is stupid.

Anyway I have always kept the internet, so they will bundle it back up today.

I made beef barley soup in my crockpot. I hope it is good, because it filled the crockpot.
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Back from Atlanta. I came home a couple of days early. Honey really needs a yard, and I missed my bed. Anyway, Honey traveled like a rock star, but she really did need a yard. We did ok without a fenced yard, but had to be boring for her.

I am happy to be home. I think the time was about 5 hours. Good time, and less traffic today than Wednes.

Anyway, good time as it was, I am glad to be home.
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I am going to leave for the Atlanta area Thursday to see my bff. I decided to take Honey with me since I was not sure how long I would be gone. I have decided a week would be plenty of time. We have spent more time than that together at one time or another over the years, but I don't want to over stay my welcome. She knows Honey and is fine with her coming along. She does not have a fenced yard, so Honey will not get to race around her yard since she will be on a leash.

It is taking me forever to get things ready, it seems like. I will pack most of my stuff tomorrow after a Dr appt, but with the dog, there is more stuff to take, and this is our first trip with just us. I will be glad to get on the road and quit second guessing what to take.
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My great neighbor called yesterday, they are out of town for about 2 weeks in the Tampa area and Orlando visiting relatives. Their granddaughter is having another baby. Both granddaughters will now have 2 babies each and I don't think either is even 20. Their daughter (both granddaughters mother) is living with them as well as one granddaughter and her so. and 2 babies.

Anyway, she called me yesterday because her daughter and one granddaughter were taking care of the 3 dogs because they were on a trip and going to a baby shower for the other granddaughter in Tampa. The daughter was not invited because the lady (other grandmother) did not invite her for drama reasons. Anyway the daughter left for a couple of days as well as the one granddaughter leaving the dogs with no one to take care of them, she asked me to go at least let them out. They had been there alone over 24 hours. Never have I seen such a terrific mess. They got into the garbage and the whole house was like an episode of hoarders. My friend is a neat housekeeper, by the way. It was disgusting. Dirty dishes piled up, diapers drug out of the garbage, no way I can clean it up. I would not know where to start. I sent her pictures. She needs to kick their sloppy asses out of there so they can have a life. What kind of people would go off and leave dogs alone for days? It is beyond me. I will go down and let the dogs in and out and make sure they have food and water. They had no food available when I first saw the place.


Feb. 11th, 2017 05:52 am
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The two large oils (Redrock Crossing in Sedona, AZ and The Calif Coast) The smaller water color, also the Calif coast were done by my mother. She gave them to me before she died. The Parrot is a needlepoint done by my mother and a friend had the background finished for me for my birthday after my mother died. The plates were always on our wall growing up and picked by my father because they are hand painted blue and he was color blind and saw blues and yellows. (We had a lot of blue in our house and even the outside was blue)

The other print I bought because I love it. The artist, Sanderson, is from the UK.

These are for my friend [ profile] mrdreamjeans who wanted to see them.
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My bff called from Atlanta. I can go visit anytime. Looks like this week will be getting ready to go. I am taking the dog with me. I hope it goes smoothly. Traveling alone with her will present a challenge at rest areas. I will have to leave her briefly in the car. I have to go now before it gets too hot. Also, she will have to always be leashed since my friends yard is not fenced. (Not the best choice imho) She loves dogs and can not get one now because they are not allowed to fence.

Anyway, playing bridge in FWB today, and won't be playing for a few weeks now, probably. Luckily, a neighbor will feed the bird.
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Wow, what a storm we had last night. Honey was terrified which is nothing new. She runs back and forth, drives me nuts, and runs in and out of the dog door into the rain. She loves being toweled off, but every 5 minutes, umm, no. I block the dog door so she can't run out.

We had 60-70 mph winds. I don't remember a storm that strong in a long time. I almost thought it was a tornado.

Bridge class at the college tomorrow. It is pretty much a new player class, but I do learn something each time, so not a waste of time.
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I have not been doing much since I got back from the tournament. Just regular stuff around here, and one bridge game in Fort Walton on Saturday with a friend who is an excellent player. We had a very nice game. This is our second time as partners.

Today I am going to another friend's house to help them learn the game. I really do not like teaching, but I really like these people, so it is ok. They are all pretty busy, so don't meet all that often.

I talked to my BFF in the Atlanta area. I want to make a trip up to her house, but we need to figure out a good time for both of us. I need to take the dog with me on this trip so I don't need to pay a dog sitter, and she will be happier going, I think. My friend has no fenced yard so I will need to take her out on a leash which is a pia, but that is the way it is. I miss my friend, and we both get lonely. Her husband (also our bff) died almost a year to the day before Roy)

Tomorrow I take the car in for it's regular mainenance. Roy used to do that, so I will be sitting and waiting at the Buick place.
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I called my sister yesterday! I have not talked to her since 2012 I think. I had sent her a note, but it came back because she moved. I am not sorry I called. We talked and no drama. We are so different. He husband is in a nursing home with some serious issues. I had to tell her about Roy. I think now we can continue to stay in touch.

Going back to the pool for water aerobics with my friend today. Probably only 2 days this week, but
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Well it was a very successful bridge tournament. Placed in almost every game 6 out of 7 and won the Swiss teams. Lots of red points and golds for the Swiss. I tried to get out of the Swiss, but could not let down the other 3 players, so I am so glad I went. I was a little concerned since the 3 guys are all pretty intense, but I definitely held my own (Happy Dance).

I was really tired after the first 3 days, but after one day at home, I got rested up, so it was fine.

My friend that I am helping learn bridge also placed when we played on Friday. I am kind of "bridged out" right now.

Honey is glad I am home for a while and so am I.
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Well the bridge tournament is this coming week, so I will be gone 3 days then drive back and forth 2 other days. One of the partners I am playing with has been getting way too frustrated with me when I make a mistake and I get it, but there is no excuse for him being as rude as he has been so I just sent him an email and told him so in my most tactful way. (Which is not my strong suit (pun intended)) I hope I don't piss him off, but if I do, Oh well. I really tried to be tactful

I am also planning on being kind of tired all week. It has been a long time since I played in a week long tourney.
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Yesterday a guy from the "Sheriff's Posse" came by to meet me. They have volunteers they call their posse. They even drive squad cars that say posse on them. They do everything you can do without a gun he told me. He came to meet me because I put myself on their call list once a day to see if I am ok. Since I am alone and no one really checks on me, I thought it was a good idea. He wanted to come to see if I was delusional or anything. Some people on their lists are, I guess. I am not quite there yet.

I turned the a/c on last night. We are having record highs here. The house was about 73 at 9pm so I turned the a/c on to cool it off a few degrees before going to bed. I hate turning it on in January, but I also like it cool at night.

We are supposed to cool off some next week. Bridge classes and bridge in town today. They actually run into each other, so I have to leave the play of the hand part early to make it to the game in town. I wish I had not said I would play in town, but I promised to be there before I remembered the classes. In between, I will stop at home and feed the dog.
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Tomorrow I am taking a class on bridge at the college. Then some "play of the hands" and I promised to play at the senior center. I will have to leave the class early to go home, feed the dog, and go to the senior center. I wish I had not agreed to play. Oh well, it will be nice to see some of the people.

Next week I decided to get 3 nights at the hotel. It will save me some time and I won't have to worry as much about getting checked in. The only problem is they have a bistro so no free breakfast. I will have to find some place close to eat. I got the dog sitter for one more day.
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Well today is dog bed washing day. Next week is the bridge tournament in Destin, so I will be gone a lot. I have a dog sitter for two nights, and will drive in a couple of other days. When I play in a late session, I don't want to drive the 50+ miles home.

Mostly I stay home, and go to bed early and read or watch tv. It will be strange having things to do all day, and late at night.

This week I start a class for bridge at the college. It is probably too much a beginner class for me, but I always learn something from it. I have played against the teacher and I think she will be good at teaching. (She told me I could probably teach this class) She is not right. I would be a lousy teacher.

I also promised to fill in at bridge here at the senior center. I want to see some of the people, I do not go for the bridge game.

I think I will take Honey to get her nails clipped and to go for a car ride. I want to make sure she is comfortable in the back seat. She had issues the first time since she was use to the suv where the back opened and she just jumped in. The second time in the car she was better. I got one of those sling seat protector things and it helps so she doesn't get thrown on the floor.
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One of the girls I played bridge with here at the senior center invited me to lunch today. We never really got to know each other well on a personal basis, but she called me when Roy died and was very nice. Then a couple of months later, she asked me to lunch. It was very very nice.

Now, if you ever want to do something for someone and can't think of anything, give them some of your time. It means a lot, and I had someone to eat with!

It really mean a lot coming from her. I never really cared that much for her, and I was totally wrong. Sometimes I am an asshole! I am glad I went, I almost didn't.
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The past 2 days have been just a little miserable. I did something to my back on Monday just sitting and putting on my shoes that made my lower back very painful. I usually do not have back problems, but this was very sore. It has happened once or maybe twice before. It seems better today. I also had some kind of stomach bug yesterday that seems to also have gotten better. Hopefully I will live.

I did manage to get the dog poo picked up yesterday. It really bugs me when I know I need to do it. Honey is no help at all. She thinks it is play time.

Today the handyman is coming. I don't have a whole lot for him to do, but maybe he can get rid of some leaves in the carport and change the water filters. This is an expense that I can't see getting rid of. Some things I just can not do.
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Whew, practicing for this upcoming tournament with an experienced partner is getting to me. Might be because he is so hyper, too. He was pretty hard on me yesterday. He exhausts me. Saturday I am playing with an excellent partner who asked me to play. I am looking forward to learning a lot from her, and she really is an expert and seems much more tolerant.

Why, at 71, do I think I need to improve my game so much? I guess it is good to challenge yourself sometimes, but ...

Today is another one of those exciting days. I get to pick up the yard and just do misc stuff around here. It has warmed up again.

Yesterday I had to order a new warm jacket. The one I had was made of some kind of stuff and it was flaking off. It was pretty old, but still. Some kind of man made stuff. I had a pair of warm boots that did that once, too.

Since my income has been slashed, it is hard for me to afford some things, but I needed a warm coat. I also had car insurance and home owners. Most came out of savings, but I am too poor not to have insurance, lol.

I am trying to buy necessities only, but then I got the smart phone, and am paying for the tournament, and the motel, and the dog sitter. That will be my major expense for a while.
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Yesterday was a good day. The neighbors asked me to lunch and Honey jumped into the car right away.

The day after Trader went to the Rainbow Bridge, I decided to take Honey to get her toe nails clipped. I had to muscle her into the car. I literally lifted her into the car. I almost did not make it. Then the tech helped me to load her coming home from the vets. Now she has traveled many times in our suv, but never in the back seat of a car, so that spooked her I guess. I got one of those sling type things that fits over the back seat to protect the car and keep the dog from falling on floor. It worked pretty well, so now I might take her with me if I can sometimes.

Bridge in FWB today. My partner and I are trying to get a couple of games in before the tournament in a couple of weeks.
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One hell of a storm we had last night. It lasted for hours. Of course Honey spent the whole time terrified. I have to close the doggie door or she runs in and out and gets wet and I did not want her out in the lightening.

Then she runs back and forth all over the house. The only time I miss a crate is during thunder storms. I did end up closing her in the bedroom where she finally laid down.

Going to play bridge twice this week in Fort Walton Beach. The guy that asked me to play during the tournamnet and I need to practice since we have not played a lot together. Today I am playing with a friend who is a beginner, but I do like her. She has offered that I stay with her during the days I will be at the tournament. Very nice of her and it would save me quite a bit, however, I have not decided. Sometimes no company is a good idea. I will have to think about it.


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