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Well the Greyhound Organization is advertising it's annual campout, picnic etc sometime around halloween. I guess we are over that little get together. Most of the people work together all year long, and we feel like outsiders. I really thought the campout would be fun, but we tried for about 3 years and still feel kind of left out, so we are not going any more. We have volunteered to do anything they need, but never heard from them. We even took some classes to help, but it is like any organization, you have your core people and then there are the rest of us. We can't really foster another dog since with the motor home a third is impossible. We do drive a leg of the gur once a year or so, but seldom even get called for that. So that and the Christmas party are off our radar for good.
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We walked the dogs, and are slowly getting ready to drive about 40 miles down to Niceville and Rocky Bayou State park.

We will go out to dinner tonight and get some prime rib in Destin. Even though we won't be meeting our friends there. He got sick, so they didn't come.

I will have my laptop as usual, so I won't be too far out of touch.

Our dogs will have lots of greyhound socializing this weekend. The picnic is tomorrow.
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Tomorrow I pick up a dog at Geneva AL from a gal and take her to the Ebro track where they are taking some dogs on a haul to Louisiana, I think. This dog has been requested for her forever home.

I got the Tomtom working, but I have not been anywhere with it yet. [ profile] geordie is right. I still need a mapping program to see the big picture.

I have not found where you can program in a route and save it.
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I just checked the UPS tracking for my TomTom and it left Jacksonville Fl, hopefully it will be here today as scheduled!! I hope it is user friendly.

We might be on another leg of the Greyhound underground Railroad or GUR.

Friday we might be transporting a dog from Dothan who has been requested from another state for her forever home.

I am waiting to hear from the gal we are picking her up from.
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Today I am making pies. Two pecan and one pumpkin. I am making the pie that [ profile] northernsnokat had on her blog. It sure looks good.

Tomorrow was supposed to be pie day, but now it has turned into dog day.

Just the two of us for Thanksgiving. I am fine with that. Easy day for us.
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It is 26 degrees out. Arctic weather for Florida, even the panhandle.

Meet and Greet today in Dothan. I really don't want to go, but... I will.

I am sure they would not have called and asked unless they felt they really needed us.

Mish Mash

Feb. 16th, 2007 07:33 am
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Today I just finished updating the contents of the house. What a job. I really just want a list in case of fire or hurricane or whatever. Mainly to remind us what was in the house. I used to really keep up, but I quit being diligent about it years ago. I know I am still missing stuff, but I think I will just take pictures of some of the rooms today, and put it all on a CD.

The guy is coming to replace my windshield today. No deductible for windshields in Florida, not like Arizona. It is about 30 degrees out. I hope that doesn't hurt anything.

The gal who is in charge of the Meet and Greets in Dothan Alabama called us yesterday and asked if we could come up tomorrow with the dogs. She wants a good showing in case some of the officers of the organization come to give her some support which we heard might happen. We said yes, even though we really don't want to go. It is cold. We are not taking the motorhome this time. We will drive up.

We found two reclining chairs that would fit in the motor home. Video recliners they are called with no arms. They have a very small footprint. We would take the couch, which is very uncomfortable, out, and put these in.

We walked right in yesterday, got the stickers for the cars in about 5 minutes. Last time it took us 2 hours.

I need to go take a shower and take some pictures, maybe clean the bathrooms.
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The connection was the pits, so I have not read any lj or posted in a couple of days. The Meet and Greet at Petsmart was very good. Lots of traffic, and best of all, BeBe was wonderful. Not too shy. She did go after one small dog that went by, so we will have to watch that. One guy who had adopted another grey was kind of interested in her. We were not receptive to that.

We also looked at Kia small SUVs and Ford Escape. We like the ford escape the best. It looks big enough to take the dogs, but is small and very economical.

Also, the standard transmission is towable.


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