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Waiting for daylight to walk the dogs.

The other day when the dogs went in for their annual shots, they both weighed in exactly the same weight. 77 pounds each.

More billing at the Senior Center today. It took most of yesterday for me to fix what they had done since I last looked at it.
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Both dogs got their annual blood tests, shots etc today. Both very healthy.
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Tomorrow the dogs get their annual shots, blood tests etc. That will be an expensive trip.
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Dogs walked

Dog beds are in the washer, and I will vacuum after they get their morning cookies.

It is like a sauna outside. I am dripping wet from the walk. Even the dogs don't much like it.

Gave them their monthly heartworm tabs this morning, too.

Such a relief to come home.
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The other day at a doggie boutique, (which seems to only have clothes for tiny dogs) I saw a shirt/coat thing that said "I miss my balls"

I wish I had one for Trader.

That made me laugh out loud.
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I just ordered my flea and tick medications and saved over $30 for 12 applications. Thanks to [ profile] kf_in_georgia
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An old friend called and she was in this area today helping out one of her friends mother.

Roy used to work for her when he did Condo Maintenance. We ran over to see her and meet her friends mom who just moved here.

Kind of a fun diversion.

Both dogs got a clean bill of health at the vet's office and their annual shots. Whew, nice little bill there.

BeBe got a cortisone shot $39.90. It does help a lot though.

BeBe weighs 81#
Trader weighs 78#

Whew, and they have had their food cut back too. Whew, both look wonderful, but are a lot above their old racing weights.


May. 3rd, 2008 10:26 am
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Now that we are home and can spread out and not be jammed into the motorhome, where do you think the dogs spend most of their time? In my office, the smallest room in the house.

I like having them in here, don't get me wrong.

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Well here they are. The dynamic duo. I have not written the check for Trader yet.

BeBe and Trader BeBe and Trader

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We skipped our walk yesterday because Sandy has been limping for about 5-6 days and it was not getting any better. Thursday I called the vet back (She had just been in on Tuesday and he checked her leg) and he prescribed an anti-inflammatory Deramaxx 100 mg and we give her half a tablet every day. The first day we gave it to her after about an hour she showed signs of improvement and she is even better today. So far she has had one full tablet.

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I have at least gotten a couple of emails from him telling me his 'staff' is looking into the animal abuse laws in our county. (I send him emails every week) The last one shows me what an idiot he is.

He says he is not convinced that a dog being penned would not also be without shade or water. Well, duh, you idiot, put that in an ordinance, too.

Dogs should not be tied out, period. I didn't say it would prevent abuse, just give us some leverage to protect the dogs.

Lazy day

Mar. 2nd, 2007 06:46 am
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Another lazy day for me. I am so lucky to have these days.

We took the dogs in to have their toenails clipped at the vets yesterday and to have our vet look at BeBe's broken leg. She uses it more and more, but we just wanted it looked at. It has been about 5-6 months since it was broken. He said that was a very short time as broken legs go, and that it seemed to be doing fine. It will be at least a year to heal properly. Another good reason to abolish dog racing. She is lucky her trainer is/was compassionate and did not have her put to sleep, but called the adoption organization instead.

Both girls were excellent at the vets office. I am sure they appreciate that after our last dog, Jacques, who was horrible.

And the best part? They did not charge us for anything!! They said we were excellent customers, and there was no charge!! How nice is that?
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I just found out there is another Meet and Greet at Petsmart in Destin this weekend. We will be just across the bridge, so we might stop by with our 'girls' for a short visit.

Dog Outing

Jan. 16th, 2007 04:46 pm
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In March there is a dog event at Ebro Race Track for the greyhound group. All the forever dogs and fosters can come and participate. I went to one outing, and I would be interested in meeting some more people, but I am not interested in dressing my dog in some idiotic costume or some of the silly things they come up with. We will take our motorhome and stay over night. They have an auction for a fund raiser.

I will have some time to think about it.
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Whew, nice walk with the dogs. I needed to get out now or never!! Hot and humid, typical Florida weather.

Now I am hot and humid.
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Today I am taking my sister over to Destin, and we are going to Barnes and Noble. Then?????

This morning when I was cleaning the birds, one of the birds flew out and into the living room where the dogs were. Both of them just stayed right there and did not chase her. Whew, and what good dogs. Some Greyhounds have a high prey drive, I guess these two don't. Mostly BeBe was a little scared of the birds at first, but not any more.
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In a couple of hours we are supposed to go see a Bichon Frise that a family needs to find a home for.  She has a new baby and the dog is jealous of the baby.  (Personally I would get rid of the baby, but apparently that option has not occurred to her.

So much for my  my intentions.   I wanted a girl this time, he is a boy, and one that did not need grooming every month.

Maybe he won't be to our liking anyway.

He is 5 years old and housebroken.  He has been neutered.  I would not have another male dog who was not neutered.

I will let you know what happens.

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We have not made any decisions at all as far as a new dog, but I sure do miss the old one.

I just know that the very first dog we see that we like will be ours. 

Where's The Bus? Where's The Bus?

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MDH made an appointment to have Jacques put down today.

I have taken comments off this post because right now I am crying too hard to read, or answer. I know you all care.

How do you know when the decision is right? When they can no longer walk?

I just hope we are right and don't want him to suffer any longer. Right now he is not in pain. Just confused and the quality of life is not
great. We think he has little strokes.

Each time, I say, never again.


Jun. 2nd, 2006 02:11 pm
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Well the dog bit the groomer today. I have stated before that he just goes berserk when he gets groomed, for no reason we know of. He is 13 and has been groomed once a month for his entire life. This groomer is the only one left who is willing to put up with him. As soon as he is brushed and his nails done, he is fine with the bath, clippers, everything, but to start, he is like a wild animal. He is also getting confused more often around here. He has been blind for at least 5 years now. But, his overall health is good. We seriously talked about euthanasia today if the groomer refused to deal with him again, and him being around the grandkids, but he has been good with them before, and they are very good with him.

We seriously talked to the groomer to see if she will keep grooming him and she knows she is his last resort. It was a very sad conversation for us. She said she would do him forever, needs more money (well worth it) because he takes three times longer than a normal dog. So that hurdle is over. She is a gem.

I have also decided to try getting a tranquilizer for him for grooming day. We have avoided this, but might help. So, that decision does not have to be made now. I would not put him to sleep because it costs a little more only if he was unhappy and more dangerous. We know the time is getting close, but it won't be right now.


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