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Well now I have to figure out how to pack for a long road trip. I always over pack, but in the RV it didn't matter. I wonder what our gvwr is in the Buick? LOL. When we were full-timers, that was always an issue.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone, (even seeing some old RV friends in 3 rivers) and hoping not to disrupt their lives too much.

We had some serious storms last night, and lots of rain which we needed.

Friends are coming over for dinner tonight, Lamb. Hopefully some Trivial Pursuit, too.

Nothing planned for the 4th, which is fine by me.
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July 12-July 14, travel from Florida
July 14-17 Ann Arbor, MI
July 17-19 Lowell, MI
July 19-21 Three Rivers, MI
July 21-24 (possibly 25th) Menomonee Falls, WI
July 25-29 Valparaiso, IN

The only dates we are not flexible on July 17-19 Lowell, MI. We could not get reservations after that in Lowell We could possibly go a day earlier. This trip is all about people and something I have hoped to do for a couple of years.
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Hammond La Quinta

Here is Roy flaked out in our room as soon as we arrived. We got here very early and could have driven the whole way, but we didn't. Out for some food later.

Cruised right along listening to an audio book. So much better than the motor home. I do not miss it. I kind of miss the dogs, but it sure is easier without them along. Only 2 bladders to worry about.

We should be in Conroe Texas early afternoon tomorrow.
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Car is packed almost and we are almost ready to go. Dogs are being fed now.

Looks like rain. Phooey.
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Nothing much happening around here. We are getting ready to go Monday.

We are just above freezing and everything is in bloom. The redbuds and dogwoods are all starting.

We get this to compensate for the hot humid summers I guess.
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Dog beds are washing, and I skimmed over the floors to get the loose dog hair. Now, I need to clean bathrooms. I am getting ready to leave, but we can't leave until Monday when our dog sitter is coming.


Sep. 27th, 2011 09:40 am
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Here is all my stuff ready to go out in the motorhome. Doesn't even include my phone.

GPS, Ipod, Netbook, Kindle, and camera bag. Hopefully I will be in touch!

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There might be a very nice Road Trip to south Florida this winter. [ profile] pondhopper might be coming to Florida and we could drive down to see her!! (Or she is certainly welcome here and then on to Fort Myers) I am going to start thinking of this as a priority trip. We have been wanting to go. Roy is already excited and looking forward to it.

That would be such a fun trip and we could stop to see our friend in Gainesville on the way!!!
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Walked the dogs. Today is all about some cleaning so I will be able to leave Sunday. I could leave right now, but then I would come back to a dirty house. I just have to give the dogs their heartworm pills and load the computers, and I am ready. Saturday we will get everything ready, so all we have to do is load up the dogs and us and take off.


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