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We are frozen solid again today. Snow in shady areas is still there and frost and ice on everything else. It is supposed to warm up today, and so everything should be thawed by this afternoon, and hopefully will stay that way. The interstate is back open. Our trip to the city next door and the one decent grocery store yesterday was fine. Everyone is getting stuff for Super Bowl, I guess. We are going to friends tomorrow and then Sunday to the neighbors for the Super Bowl. They are huge football fans, we are not, but love the company.

I am making snacks for the game. Chips, dips, etc.
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Finally we are starting to thaw a little tiny bit. I am getting a lot of use out of a small metal heater we had in the motor home. It makes my office nice and warm. I should have dragged it out a long time ago.
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I sure hope things start melting today. I am pretty much over the ice, and so are the dogs. Trader has amazing holding powers, I hope he doesn't kill himself!! He refuses to go out this morning.
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Well here we are. The winter storm warnings were right! We are totally iced up and snow is on the ground. Not much, but it is the second time I have seen snow here in 14 years. Lots of ice. The back steps are so icy that Trader went down, but would not come up, so Roy had to risk his neck to go get him with a leash. (He is scared of shiny slippery floors, too, which is why I have all those area rugs)

Everything around here is pretty much closed today. Good thing since the roads are so icy. Hard freeze until tomorrow morning.

Welcome to Florida!


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