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Roy has eye appt this am, dogs have annual shots, etc this afternoon. Dr for me tomorrow, Roy's Cath Thursday, home Friday, I hope I hold up, but guess I will. Glad the neighbors are going with me.
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I am home. Roy came through the proceedure fine. They replaced the stent and the doctor said he can come home tomorrow.

BeBe is still at the vets office, but no temp and can't figure what is wrong, if anything. I need to pick her up.

I have a headache.
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Today is Roy's heart cath. We have to be there at 6:30AM.

BeBe was sick again yesterday and at 2:30AM I was up cleaning up puke.

I am going to ask my neighbors to take her to the vet for me today. I hate to do it, but I can't take her and I don't want this to wait. I would have taken her yesterday afternoon, but they aren't open.
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Roy has another heart cath next Thursday. Possible stent or balloon needed, he goes in on Thursday, goes home on Friday. The Dr said there was no hurry, but might as well get it over with. The Stress test showed something, but he did not seem to think it was an emergency.

Could be worse. No comments really needed. I am hoping it is like last time and he will come through fine. No reason to think otherwise this time.
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All is ok. Got more RX. Lucky for us, we do not pay for any except one that the base does not carry in a low enough dose. It is $3 at Walmart for 30 days

We are lucky
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They put in one Stint and one clamp. Roy has very little damage and is complaining about hunger. He comes home tomorrow.

I know you all care, and I appreciate it. I am very thankful for the good thoughts and prayers. They worked.

I am home since he has to lay flat for 6 hours and I can't do anything for him. The Dogs are glad and will be very glad tomorrow.


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