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Our motor home at the consigment place.
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We leave this morning to take the motor home to the consignment place to sell it. Hope it sells, no luck selling around here, but I really did not advertise it except on Craigs list.

Louisiana tonight. It is about 600 miles to Houston from here.
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Well looks like pretty much all our stuff will fit in the car carrier once we deliver the motor home to the consignment place. Then we drive north of Houston to see some friends before coming home. We still have to slepp dog beds and food and our stuff into motel rooms at night, but we will be staying by our friends for a few nights, then one night in Livingston, TX to see another friend on our way home. Our wonderful neighbors are watching the birds for us. Still having mixed feelings about getting rid of the motor home, but it is time we think. Still kind of sad.

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I sent flowers to my friend for her birthday today. I hope she loves them. Will take her to dinner tomorrow for the Prime Rib special.

Pretty much ready to go. Heard from everyone in Texas, so will see our friends there.

Still having trouble with the sale of the motor home, but it is cleaned out now, so it has to go. It really is time.
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Couple of inquiries on motor home, but they don't have the money to buy. Looks like a trip to Texas and an RV consignment. This place in Texas has a good reputation, and they have been selling used RVs for lots of years. I know a lot of people who have sold thru them.
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There really is no place like home!! I am glad to be here and so are the dogs. They were excellent on this trip. They really are good travelers.

We have decided to keep the motor home, at least one more year, or until next summer and see if we use it enough.

We are hoping for possibly a trip to southern Florida this winter. We will see. We also talked about a travel trailer, but that involves a tow vehicle and I am not too keen on another RV at this point.
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We are considering selling our motor home. There is a place in Texas that deals in used RVs with lots of success. I talked to them yesterday and we might take it there in Sept or Oct for consignment. They gave me a reasonable selling price and they get 10%. Fair enough. They do all the advertising etc. Our friends live north of Houston, so we could go there for a night a two, and our neighbors here will watch our dogs. I hate to leave them, but not a good trip for dogs.

Roy really has second thoughts about selling it, but...we seldom use it and it is just sitting there. We will see when we get back next week. We leave for Hilton Head tomorrow.

Oh yea, we walked the dogs this morning, too.

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Jan. 2nd, 2009 07:10 am
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I am winning the new HGTV Dream house this year!!! It is about 20 miles from where I was born and raised in Sonoma Calif. I would actually love to live there, but I am sure the taxes would do us in. I sure would like to win it and sell it.

Walked the dogs. Entered the Dream House drawing.

We finally got hold of the detail place on the motor home. They said it is $325 dollars!!!!! They quoted us $200 when we took it in. We feel like we have been robbed. We pick it up today. It feels like extortion. We probably would not have taken it in at that price. He said they had to buff it out to make it shine? So what? Roy is very mad.
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We really are getting lazy in our old age. Today we are checking into having the motor home detailed. I also want them to do the dash, (those young thin guys can do it better than I can) the rest of the inside is pretty clean.

This is mainly for the outside. Roy usually does it, but having it waxed, etc would be a good treat, and it needs it.


Jan. 10th, 2008 12:38 pm
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Today MDH put up our new shoe storage units.

I bought one of those shoe hanger/storage units and we cut it down to fit around the bed. The bed is on a box that lifts the mattress for storage under the bed. Nailed the shoe holders around the bed and cleared up more storage in the closet where the shoes used to be.

I have a portable desk that mdh built that sits on the dash for my laptop to sit in with a slide out drawer. On top of that is where the printer can sit. Can sit in passenger seat and use the laptop. Can also leave it set up.

We ARE the engineers in charge of wasted space now!!

I will take pictures some day of all this.
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We are going to try to get a campground Fri and Sat night so we can go the Meet and Greet at Petsmart in Destin Saturday. This will be Trader's first camping trip, should be interesting.
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Guess we will go over to the Bay by Destin Tuesday. Our friends will be in Destin next week. We have a camp site reserved with full hook-ups. Important to me for longer than 3 days to have full hook-ups. Water, Electric and sewer.

Even though there are showers etc, still nice not to worry about how much you use for dishes, etc.

(This probably means nothing to non-RVers.) We are fully self contained and can actually park in a parking lot and have all systems. We have fresh water (water pump) and holding tanks for the grey and black water. Even a generator for air or battery charge. The fridge works on propane or electric. RV's are pretty 'green' naturally. Even better with solar, but that would be over-kill for our use, however full-timers use solar a lot.

Our main purpose for the motorhome is in case of evacuation, but we have not had to use it for that yet, thankfully.

Bird cage cleaning day.
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We discovered that we have a leak in our roof that is coming into the master bath. MDH thinks he got it fixed. He re-roofed part of the shingles and found where the water was coming in and running down the joist to leak in the wall. He thinks it is fixed now. I hope so. This happened once before a year or two ago, but obviously not fixed the first time.

Carpet guy is here. Really nice guy who raises pit bulls for show. Dogs are barricaded in the kitchen. He is doing the motorhome now.
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Well, we are down to only two regular people at work this week.

My office buddy and I. The person I have had so much trouble with lately is gone because a family emergency. Sucks to be her right now.

Her mother-in-law is on life support and her son is expelled from school since she left on the emergency.

Also, I am maxed out on my hours for SS right now, so I can not work any extra. The first year of SS I can only earn so much per month. Next year I can only earn so much annually, so I would be more flexible.

So, we are still going on our road trip later today after I get home.

Misc Stuff

Jun. 8th, 2007 08:41 am
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Here are two pictures from last weekend's road trip. The view of Choctowatchee Bay and the Mid Bay Bridge out the front of the motor home. The two dogs taking up floor space in the motor home. My new clock that MDH just built and put up in my office. We have so many clocks in our house that I don't know what to do with some of them. See the skeleton keys hanging just below the clock on the calendar? My maiden name was key, so I had a friend weld them for me.

Mid Bay Bridge Mid Bay Bridge
View from front of motorhome of mid bay bridge
Dogs in Motor Home Dogs in Motor Home
Clock office Clock office

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Tomorrow, June 1, is the official start of Hurricane Season. I hope it is quiet like last year.

One of the main reasons we have the motor home is so we can evacuate with animals. (Dogs and Birds)

Also, gives us a place to stay if the electric goes out. We are as prepared as you can be for a hurricane.

We have the aluminum shutters, and we aren't afraid to use 'em!

Also, we have a panel to plug th outside generator into to run the fridges, and the window a/c along with some lights.

It will run the TV, too, but without power, I doubt the cable would be working.

Tomorrow we are off to the Bay for a couple of days. Gets us out of here, and tests the systems to make sure they all work in the motor home.

We keep everything gassed up this time of year, too. We have at least 5 5-gal gas cans that are now full.

Gas is hard to come by when a storm approaches.
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Back to work. Only about 3 more weeks until we leave for Virginia.

The dash Air conditioning does not work on the motorhome, so have to look into getting that fixed. We have to run the generator, and run the roof air, which is ok, but we don't always need all that.

Also, the TV antenna won't extend. The gears are stripped.

Usually we have cable, but sometimes we need an antenna, like this weekend.
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The trip we took this past couple of days cost $90.72 for gasoline. About .45 cents a mile. Whew. The trip to Virginia will be expensive!!

We are back

Apr. 1st, 2007 12:04 pm
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The air bed worked, but we hated sleeping on it, so the regular mattress goes back in the motor home tomorrow.

Nice trip, met some nice people.

No other RVers had big dogs like ours, lol. They are a lot smarter than we are.

Home and doing the laundry so we will be ready to go the end of April.

My SS papers came back, all is set to go in July.

The main thing is getting my birth certificate. They are hard to get because I was adopted. I have to go through the state of Calif to get it.
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Our friends bought us dinner last night. It goes way back to when we were in business together.

Might be a long time before we see them again. Kind of sad

House cleaning today, then road trip tomorrow.


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