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Dogs walked. Neighbor's dogs taken out. They have two Chihuahuas and a weimeriener.

The smalles Chi pees on the floor, but is contained in a space. What a pain, he is plenty old enough to be housebroken, but she doesn't know if he ever will be. The other two are fine. They also have a fenced yard, so not a big deal to watch their dogs.

Guy working for the mortgage company on the house across the street came by yesterday to see how long the neighbors have been gone. They just took off and did not even notify the mortgage company. It must be at least 10months ago or more. After 8 months they persue it in court. I can see why people would walk away in this economy, but they should do the right thing and notify whoever holds the mortgage.
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No walk today. We get a break. Thunder and lightening. It will pass in about another hour and cooler weather is coming. Just enough to be a good excuse to stay inside.

Our neighbors came over yesterday after they got rear-ended in town. Their car was not driveable, so Roy went and picked them up. The driver and passenger of the other vehicle went to the hospital, not critical, police think it might be insurance pains, but the other vehicle was at fault. They are fine.

Wow, what a luxury to sit here in my nightgown and not have the dogs all over me to go walk. Bebe hates the thunder.
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Roy is at the neighbors down the hill on the lake mowing his grass. This is the neighbor that lets Roy use his dock, and even gave him a tiny boat when we moved here. This neighbor is in his 80s and almost died last week. He just got home from the hospital and tried to mow by himself. He also goes to dialysis every other day. Anyway, yesterday the neighbor's wife called Roy to come down and talk Ralph out of trying to mow himself and get him in the house, which he did.

Roy moved the boat and his deck box down to our other neighbors. He was afraid something would happen to Ralph and the son's would not let him get his stuff. I hope Ralph lives a lot longer. What good neighbors they are.
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Walked the dogs. Cooled off, low 40's now.

Friends/neighbors daughter who has Crones disease just had a successful surgery, and they are hopeful she can get back to a healthy life. A month ago they did not expect her to live.

They have been in New Orleans taking care of her and her two teenaged daughters since August. I am happy for all of them. Now maybe she can finish raising her daughters.
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Well they just mowed and weed eated the place that was abandoned across the street. Guess it is close to being sold under foreclosure. That is a couple on this road that were foreclosed. I have to say the bank takes better care of the yard than they did.
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Walked dogs. Went down and met some other neighbors we had not really talked to over the years. They invited us to to to NC for some apples with them, (they are RVers, too) but we passed. They go to some music get togethers She plays the dulcimer and he plays guitar. We might do that when they get back. Roy plays the guitar and banjo.
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Remember the crazy neighbor who finally moved out? Sign is up on property that it is for sale and is a foreclosure. Newer mobile home, cheap price.

Also, we think the neighbors across the street have skipped out (the ones who left the dog tied up). It looks like they have also abandoned their house. They have lived there for 5+ years. . Both places are larger mobile homes than ours.

We had ours appraised a few years ago, but it was too low in our opinion. The foreclosure is about $11,000 less than what ours appraised for. Good buy for someone. Ours is really up graded and does have a shop, storage shed, car port, metal roof, covered decks, etc.

Oh, well, ours is not for sale, I don't want to think about moving. This trip we just took was kind of like moving into a new apartment every day.
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Walked the dogs. I am afraid the neighbors we watched the dogs for are in some kind of depression. I know they are really strapped for money and all, but their yard is totally trashed and everything is just a mess. Oh well, nothing I can do. We tried, but even the car is trashed and he did not try to fix anything. I don't know what they do for rides now, we quit offering when he let the car go to hell.

Still planning on the road trip Monday.
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It is raining again, but we need it, I think.

The neighbors asked us to watch their dogs for them while they go visit their kids. These neighbors are really in financial difficulty, due to some health problems and imho, his laziness, but that is another story. They are pretty good neighbors and their kids paid for them to come visit and babysit for about 12 days. Now one of their dogs is not housebroken, so is crated but they let her out on the porch during the day. They do not have a fenced yard. The other dog, who is crazy, but sweet, is only let out 2 times a day. I have some issues with this. I told her I felt funny leaving one on the porch while I am not there, but I also can not crate her 24/7 and I don't think 2 times a day is enough for the other one.

I can not bring them here since I doubt they have had their shots and I don't want my dogs to be around them. I guess we will just do the best we can for the dogs.

One is a beagle mix and the other is a small boxer/pit or something.

They have helped us out in the past, so we want to help them, but... It is also right in the middle of the time we planned on leaving, but we can be flexible on that.
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Off to the computer show/seminar Tech show at NWFSC this morning. Maybe I will learn something.

It is beautiful here again today, even if it is a little windy. Cooler later in week, but I am thankful for today.

That goofy friend of Roy's is having exploratory surgery next week. Not good. They are the smokers who came for dinner a week or two ago.
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Today it is 28 degrees. I can not remember the last time it was so cold for so long.

We are having company for dinner New Years Eve, but it will be an early night.

More neighbors, this time Roy's goofy fishing buddy.

I am going to make Yorkshire Pudding and Rib Roast. Hope the Pudding comes out good, I have not made any in years.
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Walked the dogs. Bridge in town today, and QuickBooks updates for them. They better learn to do QuickBooks soon. I don't want to do it forever.

Did I mention the double lot next to us sold? A retired couple (Yippee!) bought it. They have a motorhome and they are going to build a pad for it, and add on to the tiny little house on the lot by the lake. All good for us.
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The crazy neighbor who calls the sheriff if you look at him cross eyed, told his direct neighbors (our friends) that his girlfriend left him. I hope she took her kids, too.

They were shocked that he even talked to them. One less crazy person to worry about. Hopefully he won't be able to pay for the house himself and get foreclosed on.
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Since about 6:30PM tonight (Almost 10PM now) our street has been blocked off by the fire department with sheriff's cars coming and going. It is blocked off right by our house, and then about a half mile down the street. Apparently they suspected someon down there was running a meth lab, and when they went to see/investigate he has barricaded himself inside. So here we are. What a neighborhood this is turning out to be.

Good news from my sister. No love from SS and disability, but the Lions club is picking up the whole tab so she can get her cataract removed and see again. I am so glad for her. Only about 3 weeks and her surgery is scheduled.

Pretty busy around here for a Saturday night.

See you in the morning.
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Walked the dogs. Not a bad morning, still too warm, but not as bad as it could be.

Got a scanner at radio shack yesterday. Has emergency weather, too. Seems to work. Now I question why I wanted one. I guess to keep tabs on the crazy neighbor.

I found the court records yesterday. They had a domestic violence incident in January that stretched through the court until May. He brought charges against her, lol.

It cost over $500 for court costs and fines and she has to attend anger management, plus she can not be involved in any incidents for 6 months. There was also a fine for their dog from animal control. Hopefully the fines will keep them from being able to pay their house payments.
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Walked the dogs, vacuumed, dust mopped, washed sheets, and now washing dog beds.

We have now decided to cross the street when going by the crazy man's house so he would have to go into the street to confront us. One of my wonderful lj friends sent me an excellent site about harassment and I have started reading through it. Exactly what I need. Tells you what to do legally, etc. (Thanks again)

Oh, and when we came back from dinner the sheriff was once again at his house and went over to the other's house later. Sheesh, I don't know what happened again, but this is out of control.

Our other neighbor overheard them sayingon the phone how they were going to mace them, and let them have it, yada, yada. This is from the two 60+ year old friends that live right next to them.
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A can of mace costs about 8.99. We had a keyring size mace we took to keep dogs away when we walk the dogs, but it would not have been very effective and we would have to be way too close to use it effectively.

Now we have two good cans for our walks in the morning.

Sadly, I am thinking we probably should contact a lawyer and find out what the best plan is for us to follow to keep this nut away from us. An injunction which is what I call a restraining order I think we need, but they are not that easy to get.

Anyway, we need a sensible answer from someone who knows what the score is. I will call tomorrow. It pisses me off that this will cost me money we don't really have for having a nut move into our neighborhood.

We are going out to dinner with our 'good' neighbors tonight. Prime rib at the only decent local restaurant.

I think I will have a drink, too.
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Well our crazy stalker neighbor struck again!! We knew there was some sheriff office vehicles down the road last week, and now we have the skinny on that.

Our crazy neighbor's dog attacked his neighbor and then the they got into some kind of altercation, and the crazy guy filed assault charges and I guess they have a court date this Wednesday. So far he has managed to alienate every immediate ( and more) neighbor he has.

I also found out that he is not on the volunteer fire dept. He has a decal, but has never been active. (I called the fire chief and told them he was never to come on my property)

Anyway, he really is crazy.

Walked the dogs, and bridge in town today.
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Someone broke into the house across the street from us. She told me that she and her mom had gone to town and when they got back the dog was whining by the fence. They went into the house and the perps ran out the back. The sheriff called the K-9 squad, but who knows if they will catch them?

I sure hope they do. We have not had any problems in the past.
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Our neighbors who we offered the rides to turned out to be the most interesting people. She was an Olympic gymnast (in the 70s), he did numerous things. We thought we were doing a favor for them, but turns out, we win and make some good new friends who will also be willing to take care of our birds when we are gone for a long time which I would pay them for.

I really don't like taking them and I think they are happier staying home.


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