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The transfer of funds is hitting my account today. I just checked my account!! The check to pay off the new car and the motor home are on their way to the post office.

So, now we are totally debt free again with a little tiny extra for our 'old age'. Old age being now!!

Off to Sam's Club today for some supplies. TP to take to daughters, plus some other stuff. Can't let that money just sit in the account, needs to circulate.

We will never be rich, we spend it too fast.


Feb. 11th, 2007 10:06 am
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Well the new car gets about 27.33 mpg. I was hoping for 30, but maybe with freeway miles it will. Not bad for a car that can carry two 70 lb dogs.
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Well, my last work day for the week.

We are getting ready to pay off the motor home and the car the first half of March. Making arrangements for the funds to be transferred, then once again, we are debt free. We are too poor for payments.

We are lucky we can pay this off after goofing off so many years as full time RVers.

New Car

Jan. 27th, 2007 03:53 pm
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Well, this is a nice little 4 cylinder auto. The one I drove before we bought it was an automatic transmission, and it really felt gutless, but we wanted something as economical as possible that would carry us and two large dogs, so I thought I could deal with that. The 5 speed manual makes all the difference, and it is fairly zippy and great to drive. (As zippy as a little old lady needs anyway) Good gas mileage 25-30+mpg and lots of cargo space. Fits our needs.

It now has the hitch attached so as soon as we get a receiver that is shallower than when we towed the truck, we are good to go.

Now, when the weather cooperates?
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Car is now at the RV dealers having the tow plate installed. I still have not driven this particular car. MDH says it drives very well. I drove one with an automatic transmission, but I will not have a problem.


Jan. 25th, 2007 12:08 pm
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The RV place just called. They can put the Base Plate we ordered on the car tomorrow, so now we have to take the car to Fort Walton Beach today so they can start on it first thing in the morning. It is almost an all day job. The base plate attaches to the car for the Stowmaster hitch.

You wait. We probably won't go anywhere now that we can tow the car.

It will probably be a couple of more days before I even drive it. Good thing I can drive a 5 speed.

As a matter of fact, the first automatic I ever had was my old lady car I got in Tucson. 4 doors and automatic Transmission.
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In a couple of hours we are driving over to Crestview to the ford dealership to pick up our new car.

2007 Ford Escape. This is the first new car I have had since 1978. MDH got a new little ford Ranger Truck (we still have it) in 1996.

We plan on giving the Ford Truck to our granddaughter this summer. Not a cool car, but a car.

I would be more excited if it was a Mustang convertible or something, and not a little 4 cylinder economy type car, but I have to be realistic.

It will cost us about $1000 to get the baseplate and the electrical cables set up to tow, and we can pull it behind the motorhome.

We are lucky we can get a car and pay it off in March.

Oh yea, and I caught my sister and mdh cold. It has been over a month, I thought I made it. I took that Zicam and I have had worse colds, so maybe it helped.

New Car

Jan. 22nd, 2007 08:06 pm
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We just bought a new Ford Escape. 5 speed transmission so we can tow it behind the motorhome. We had to order it because there are no 5 speed transmissions within 200 miles, so we don't have it yet. We will pick it up Thursday on my day off. We already got the financing. We plan on paying it off in March. We can not afford car payments. It is white and will go well with the motorhome. Both dogs will fit in the back. It gets good gas mileage, because it has a dinky little engine for a dinky little car, but it can be towed flat, and this is what we needed. Whew, what a day. I had not planned on that for today, but 5 speeds are hard to find, and the price was right. 2007 Ford Escape. No bells and whistles on this one. Just the bare minimum, but that is all we need.


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