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I have started looking at the files for the dogs we are keeping records for. The gal I am helping coordinates all the moves to different groups and local adoptions. Whew, she is doing a great job. Lots more to it than I knew.
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I have started looking at the spreadsheet they want help with for the dogs. I made a few changes I like to make it look a little better. I am not a spreadsheet whiz, that's for sure, but I am pretty detail oriented, so I should be able to do this with no problem. Just little changes take me forever since I don't know what I am doing, lol. I just want it to be consistent.

The gal I am helping does a fabulous job, but is not detail oriented. (She moved columns, etc and had all the data in the wrong spots) She needs me!!

Happy Sunday, no plans.
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25 degrees today.

Roy sees the cardiologist on Thursday. We expect all to be fine, he feels great.

I am in a funk and I don't even know why.

I have not been back to the Senior Center to catch them up, but then, they need to step up and learn some of this. Not sure about how that will work out right now.


Feb. 2nd, 2009 01:21 pm
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Now I know that my WiFi reaches out to the motorhome. We have not shut down my computer in my office yet, so haven't had to drag the air card out yet. The floors are going in and they look better than I hoped. The installers are also very good ones and really know their business. Even though it is laminate, it still looks good. I will be glad when it is done, so will the dogs. They have been banished to the bedroom so far. I did not bring them out here. They are fine in the house.

Ran down to the Senior Center to get them caught up.
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Caught up the rest of the stuff for the senior center. This is a fairly simple record keeping membership if we can ever get it pulled together.

It was 23 this morning, but it is supposed to warm up and soon!! Friday next week we have a short road trip planned and dinner with the greyhound people.

We still want to go to Texas, too, but Roy doesn't want to wait too long because he wants his garden this year, and I want the tomatoes!!!

So, not much going on here. I will make another trip down to the senior center tomorrow, and from now on, we will keep up to date on things.
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It is 18 Degrees out this morning. I am pretty sure it is supposed to warm up today. It is way too cold for here. I think every plant we have will be frozen.

Today I am going to do some more catch up work at the Senior Center.
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23 Degrees this morning, so no walk. Fed birds and cleaned dishwasher. I will be going down to the Senior Center tomorrow, to get the program put on her computer and do some more catch up but I think she will do fine with the small part of the program she needs to use.

The gal who manages the Senior Center has an Italian Greyhound and she fell in love with our two, but is glad hers is so small.
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Walked dogs, it is 37 degrees. Not bad for dog walking.

Thursday night I am going to see a local bridge game. Finally, real life, real time bridge. I wonder how that will work out? I have never been much of a social bridge player. I hope they play a serious game.

My goal today is to finish the last of the receipts I have to enter for the Senior Center, then it will be fixing and refining. Volunteering is hard, and the pay sucks.
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Walked the dogs. Roy is taking the neighbors to Walmart this morning. I am going to start setting up QuickBooks for the Senior Center so she can keep track of dues. I finally got excel to load into QuickBooks so everyone is in there with their info now. I have to figure out how to do the dues notices now. It has been a while since I have done any really work. My brain is fried.
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I stopped and gave our neighbors our phone numbers and got theirs so we can check if they need something when we go to town.

Just got back from the Senior Center and I have many hours of work to get her set up on QuickBooks so she can handle things easily. I got her list all straightened out so I can now find out who paid and when.

This will keep me out of trouble for 15 or 20 minutes. Roy is on his way to mount a mail box onto a brick wall.
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The great animal refuge, just did not pan out for me. The person who works at the CPA office and supposedly needed bookkeeping help did not contact me for about 4-5 days and that was after I contacted them to find out why no one had called. I was told because she had a full-time job, she needed help and that is where my expertise is, she is saying she has it all covered and they need other help. Well, hello, I know that but I offered to help where I was told they needed help by the person who runs it.

I am just out of the mood right now to help them. The greyhound people need some more help anyway, so they get me.


Nov. 19th, 2007 07:30 am
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Well we are already talking to the foster coordinator for the Greyhound org. and another lady who has about 3 fosters now, and 9 dogs of her own. I can not imagine. I am going over there Wednesday, and will let you know what that is like! One of her fosters is considered a senior and was a brood dog. I think she is 7. Not that old, but past middle age for a grey. Sandy was that age when we got her.

The problem with the seniors is they are hard to place, so might end up with her for a while. A couple of others are at the kennel. I guess we have to figure out the greatest need.

I think we are crazy, one is probably enough. Well, I know it is enough and BeBe seems content now, but she does love to play.
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Well, we went and schmoozed the people at the track. There were a couple of very loud bands, we were relieved when their time was up. None of the dogs liked that too much.

We met every drunk in the parking lot tailgate party. They were pretty good as a whole and loved the dogs.

Now I know where the Red Hat Ladies go on Saturday night!! The dog races!! There was a whole group of them.

I did get some pictures. Will post them sometime soon.

Taking the motorhome was a great idea. We just walked out there and went to bed instead of driving the 50 miles home.

Not a bad place to park and free out there in the parking lot.
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We are going to take the motorhome to Ebro Track and then we can just stay overnight and not drive home late.

Then if the dog gets cold (or we do) at the booth, we can go out to the motorhome.

We are also going a little early and will walk around with her so the track visitors can see an adopted dog.

All good press for the dogs.
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My leg of the greyhound underground railroad is today. Rapido Fiddles will hopefully be on his way to his forever home in Louisiana first thing tomorrow.

I hope the meet ups go smoothly.

Tomorrow I leave for Fayetteville for a short visit.

Road Trip

Oct. 26th, 2007 12:00 am
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Looks like I might drive over to see my friends that moved to Georgia next week for a day or two. I can't believe I am going to drive over there this soon after coming home. MDH doesn't want to go. He is still mad at them for moving, I guess. Friday he signed up to drive a race car at the track there, and I might go with them. Should be interesting. He did it at Daytona last year. As long as I don't have to go with him, lol.

The gal I worked with keeps in touch. I guess she misses me. I miss her, too, but not my old boss.

We have a gig at the Ebro Dog Track Nov 17. We volunteered to help our greyhound group man a booth about adopting ex-racers at a special event night at the track. We have not done that before.
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Wow, going away for 2 months is more involved than I remembered. I am going to use priority forwarding from the USPS. When we were full-timers, we had a commercial mail forwarding in Texas. It worked great. USPS is not so flexible. Most of my payments I have finally set up for automatic withdrawal. My credit card I pay online, and all our utilities are finally taken care of.

Taking some important files with us. Now I am thinking how much easier it would be to stay home. (Boy, am I getting old and set in my ways?)

The motorhome is pretty well ready to go, I hope. Our few trips have let us know what we need. We always over pack.

Now I hope I remember all the junk I need for my laptop to become my main computer. I am good about data back-up, but probably forgot something. (or will anyway)

Have to remember to take all my 'pool guys' billing envelopes so I can do that from the campground.

I hope the Blue Ridge Parkway is as nice as the Natchez Trace. We have only been on a very small piece of it and that was 10 years ago.


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