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Just put load #4 in the washer. Today is dog bed and rug washing and floor cleaning, and......


Feb. 5th, 2009 08:05 am
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Hoping today will see our new floors finished so we can put the house back together. The floors look great, but you can sure see the dog hair on them.

Oh, last night we had the scare of our lives. We looked around to find BeBe. She was not in the house. Not in the yard. Now we are pretty religious about gates but Roy did not get the side one latched yesterday and it was dark and cold and no BeBe. For about 5 minutes we were in absolute panic.

Luckily Roy went out in front and here she came around the side of the motorhome, soaking wet. The only way she could get that wet was to go in Lake.

What an adventure she had. I am convinced that walking them helps so they at least know where they live.

It was 16 this morning. 16!!! and in Florida. I am very thankful BeBe is safe. 2 Times in 2 days. Not good.

Oh, and sent our taxes off to our CPA yesterday. No more Turbo Tax for me.
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I was really stressed taking down my computer in my office today so the floors can be put in. What's up with that? I have my laptop and my aircard, not like being cut off. I guess I just really don't like my house being torn apart. Even more reason to not move again.

This floor makes the house look larger since it really makes the whole kitchen/livingroom flow as one large area rather that chopped up with cheap linoleum and carpet. Now the linoleum/faux tile looks cheap next to the new floors, so we think tile is in the future for the two baths and utility room entry.

[ profile] kjaz was right, I am practically living in the motor home during the day. The dogs are in our bedroom and bath with a baby gate. They are happier in there and have more room than the motor home.

Pizza last night and we treated the installers. They really are awesome, and we are so lucky to get them. They come early and work late. A guy and his son. I think I love them.

I do have some pictures which one day I will post. I have been trying to remember to take some pictures as we go.
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28 Degrees. No walk the past two mornings. Just as well, I have to jump up, clean birds, shower, before the crew gets here. Living out here in the sticks, we are so thankful to have these installers. They are excellent!!!

Rare around here. Road trip to Texas still planned for around the 18th or so. We shall see. I might want to stay home and admire our new floors, lol.


Feb. 2nd, 2009 01:21 pm
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Now I know that my WiFi reaches out to the motorhome. We have not shut down my computer in my office yet, so haven't had to drag the air card out yet. The floors are going in and they look better than I hoped. The installers are also very good ones and really know their business. Even though it is laminate, it still looks good. I will be glad when it is done, so will the dogs. They have been banished to the bedroom so far. I did not bring them out here. They are fine in the house.

Ran down to the Senior Center to get them caught up.


Jan. 31st, 2009 06:52 am
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Well, it's official. I can no longer play bridge with those people. I so wanted to find some bridge players here, but not happening.

Next week I am telling them I can not play because we are planning a trip, which is sort of true, but if I keep playing with them, my game will go in the toilet.

No walk this morning, 28 degrees. It has sure been a cold winter for here.

I do see some signs of spring.

We got a gardenia bush. Roy managed to keep the two lemon trees alive through all this.

Most stuff is on it's own.

He started those trees from seeds, so he is really attached to them. They are about 6' tall now.

Today is all about washing beds, ours and the dogs. Won't get much chance next week with the floors being installed.
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Walked the dogs, but a shorter walk than usual. Hot yesterday, and much colder today. I did not even take a jacket, so short walk.

I have put a few things in boxes to get ready for the floor installers. I am ready for that to be over.
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What a crappy job. Packing up stuff just for new floors. Bad enough if you are moving, but just to put in another room? Very unsatisfying. I am thinking of going someplace in the motorhome for the 4-5 days they will be here doing the new floors. They have to break down my desk in my office and move it all out to put the floors in. I am a spoiled brat.
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Walked dogs, warm again. 50s.

Bridge yesterday was interesting. It is like playing bridge from 50 years ago. Old Timey Goren.

People were pretty nice, but still not my thing, I am pretty sure.

I will probably go once in a while, but...

The flooring is here!!! It is tucked under our table, behind chairs and down the hall. Apparently it is supposed to 'acclimate'. It is scheduled to be installed Monday the 2nd of Feb.

I sure hope we like it!!!

We still plan on our short road trip in the motor home the end of next week.
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We decided to go with the laminate floors, so we are helping the economy.

No walk

Jan. 17th, 2009 07:00 am
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It is 20 degrees out. I took a movie to the mail box and it really is not that terrible because there is no wind. We are hoping for the 40s tonight.

The flooring guys came yesterday. We really liked this guy and his son. If the estimate is anywhere near what we are willing to pay, we are going for it, and Roy even agreed to let them install the new base boards. The ones we are taking off are not wide enough for the flooring due to the floating factor. We hope to re-use some in the bedrooms since they do not have any baseboards now. Hopefully they can also stretch the carpet in the bedrooms that was never stretched and has wrinkles.

I like week-ends. I don't know why they matter when I am no longer working, but I still like them.

Monday my volunteering for the senior center kicks in and I will be working about 1PM showing her the software and hopefully how to use some of it.
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Now, we are going to look at laminate flooring that is on sale and so is installation.

We don't really need new floors, but it would really look nice we think. Wood is better, we know, but it is a mobile home after all. We would put the flooring in the living room, kitchen, hallway, and my office.

I will need some area rugs for the dogs, I am sure.


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