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I live closer to Staples (Crestview) than to Best Buy (Destin) so I went to Staples. I called first to see if they had a good selection of printers and if anyone there was knowledgable about them Andrew assured me yes and yes.

Andrew was right. I spent much less than I thought I would have to, and Inkjets were more reasonable than some. Well none are reasonable but.....

I got a Canon Pixma MX340 which means squat to me, but the text and pictures are far superior to the HP that I could not get to work, and you can copy multiple sheets which you couldn't on my other one. I like this one better if for no other reason than it works.

I finally got the laptop and netbook to print to it, too. That always takes me a little while to tweak the right settings to make it work over the network, but it all works now.

So, that took care of most of my day.

This printer is much bigger than my other one, too.

I have had, Epsons, Lexmarks, HPs, and now Canon. I have no loyalty to any one printer.
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Walked the dogs.

Well I am pretty much back up and running with all my little programs installed, everything synced, etc.

So far so good. Windows 7 is so much better for me than Vista.

I need to clean out the old computer, and I have all the software that goes with it, too. It has Windows XP which was a work horse and never gave me any problems. I will miss it. I already have one program (very old) that will not run under Windows 7.
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My new computer is here and it is really pretty and shiny. I hope it works as good as it looks. My new Caddy works great, too. I have pretty much set up the important stuff, now just to tweak it the way I want it. Each time I set one up it gets a little easier. I learn so much each time. Like syncing, I love syncing.
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Walked the dogs. Hot humid is back. I wish my new computer would get here. I will need a few days to get it where I want it. Since I have had this one for eight years, I can only imagine. Well, I did wipe the hard drive slick once to get rid of a Trojan, and I also bought a new internal hard drive, so it has not been eight years since I set it up, but it takes a while.

I also went back to IE since it would not let me do something in Firefox on my laptop. Can't remember what now.

Something google.
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Walked the dogs in the wonderful 65 degree weather. What a nice surprise!

I uploaded all the pictures from my desktop to Google Web because my Droid loves the google sites and sends pics from my phone to Google automagically. These phones are amazing. I am anxious for the new software update with Flash so I can use the bridge site.
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Damn, my old computer is 8 years old! I did add a new hard drive, but whew, it has served me very well. Ran Belarc, I am ready!
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I went into town and talked to the computer guy that I like, and once again, he did not fail me. I was considering a new wireless router. He said I would not notice the difference, so not worth it. Also, I have a Dell tower desktop now and was thinking of a new one. He looked at the specs on mine and said a new hard drive is pretty much all I really need. Maybe more ram if room. Cool. He saved me lots and lots of money. He even told me I could probably install the hard drive myself, but I dontwanna!!! So I will pay him to do it.

He is leaving my old drive in as a slave so all the data will be there. He looked at what I was thinking about buying and what I had and said I should be fine with the new drive!! He rocks.


Apr. 16th, 2009 07:14 am
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Walked the dogs. Finally, spring, and not too hot yet.

Today is the day. I think I am going to order a new desktop and new N router.

I am not looking forward to setting up another wireless system. I seem to remember it was a real challenge for me the first time. Hopefully it will go smoothly and maybe it is simpler now.
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Not light yet, but then walk the dogs and today we have to drive over to Eglin AFB for some medication.

It is a pain but there is no cost to us, so I am thankful for that.

Friends sold their house yesterday after 2 years. They live in Atlanta and have had their house in Destin for sale for over 2 years. Guess we won't see them as much now.

I am looking at new desktop computers. I said I was just going to keep the laptop, but I like using the desktop. The hard drive is almost full. I am amazed. I don't think I ever filled one up before. The computer is 7 years old, so I am sure it is time to get a new one. Also, I am considering a new wireless router. Think I need one? I have a G one now and am looking at the N. Will it matter?

Should I get wireless on the desktop?


Sep. 6th, 2008 07:02 am
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Saturday and the dogs are walked and the birds are cleaned, but we changed days to scrape the poop off. Any day during the week when it is not raining, lol.

Looks like Hannah is heading for Myrtle Beach. The picture in the icon was taken this spring at Myrtle Beach.

I hope it doesn't do too much damage. Now Ike is coming into the gulf.

My print spooler quit on my laptop for no reason I know of. Anyone else have that issue with Vista?
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I just got some ink cartridges on line. A little cheaper than buying locally, but still very expensive. I bought for two printers.

I could buy two printers with what I paid.

I finally got a wireless mouse for my new laptop. I have always used a mouse with my laptop because I hate that touch pad thing.

I had two mice I carried around. One regular and one hand held mini track ball. Not anymore. Now just the mouse, and it works great.

What is next? Tivo?
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We have printing!!! Finally I got the work around figured out on this damned Vista laptop for installing the drivers.

Took a while. I signed up for Dell 30 day service, but by the time I called, I had figured it out, I guess!

Anyway, I can now print wirelessly to my desktop printer. Go Me!!

Oh, I am not loving Vista yet. I think XP was just fine. What is so much better? Anyone know?
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Well the new laptop is doing pretty well, I don't notice any differences in speed from the old one, but the USB ports do work, so that is why I got a new one.

The drivers won't load from the main printer that is hooked to the desktop. It says I have to be signed in as Administrator, which I am, so a new printer might be in the works if I can't figure that out.
My other cheap printer loaded fine. ( I take it with me in the motorhome to use when we go) This is an HP all-in-one and I really like it, so I guess I will have to get a newer one.

I pretty much have everything on the new one that I want. Just little things from now on. It is pretty and lighter than the old one by a little bit.
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Well I have had pretty good success with my new laptop. It immediately hooked into my network, so it just took some time to get stuff loaded and re-registered, etc.

Zone alarm needs to be installed. Something happened there I don't understand, but all in all, not bad so far.
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I just got an email from Dell that my new laptop has been shipped. It is a couple of weeks earlier than expected.

I hope it is a great machine!!!
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MDH is on the way with BeBe to our vet to be checked out and make sure the injury is not bleeding internally since it hit an artery.


Our vet is pretty good about charges, so maybe this won't be too expensive since we paid so much last night.

She has to stay down at the vets until he gets a chance to look at her, they were booked solid.

I have been looking at computers, but don't know whether to buy one now or wait a month. I have some excellent suggestions that I am going to follow to buy one.

It will be a little pricey, but worth it.

Our bird sitter is coming over to get paid today. I am going to give her half what I was going to pay her, even if she wasn't here that long. Only fair, and looks like she did a very good job. Priceless!!!
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Back from Sam's Club.

More TP and paper towels for the office. Chicken breasts and beer for us.

Went to Circuit City and those guys don't know about podcasts. So, I am still clueless.

Saw some wireless printers. I am leaning toward a laptop, only setup.

Sure would be easier for me to have just one computer.

I need a portable printer for the motor home. Something a lot smaller than what I saw today. I want an all in one for home, but not for the motor home.

The Antenna cost about $100 to repair. Just cleaned up and re-sealed.

All in all, a lot cheaper with all the repairs than we thought. The rubber roof repair, if and when we decide to do it is another story. About $3800.

Whew. Wait til it leaks, I say.


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