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Whew, yesterday Roy had his follow up after the laser surgery and all is fine. Now he can see the optometrist here.

My eye hurt so bad and it felt almost like it was convulsing. I thought it was better when we were at the ophthalmologists, but it really was horrible yesterday, so I ended up calling and getting an appointment, driving back the 18 miles and paying for it myself because there was no referral (grrr) but it is fine. I got some ointment and drops and it is just irritated. No foreign object which would have cost another $250. It is so much better today. I never had anything like that before. It was miserable.

Now I am doing at least 3 loads of laundry to go back out in the RV, and relax the rest of the day.

BeBe did not eat yesterday, but she is eating today. I am going to try not to worry so much. She is out running and playing in the yard, and she ate fine this morning.

Both dogs are just plain happier at home. (Me Too)
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Well BeBe just seems to be on her old eating cycle, not sick. She used to be kind of picky before she got sick, then when she lost all that weight, she acted like she was starving all the time, now she is back to picky because she gained all her weight back. She is eating and acting fine, so tomorrow we are going ahead to Pensacola for Roy's follow up eye exam and a trip to Sam's since we are over there. So I re-made the bed and put all the clean towels back in the motor home and we will leave tomorrow morning.

We will be back Wednesday morning.

Cleaned the birds, walked the dogs, and now I am finishing up the laundry. Then I am not doing much the rest of the day.

The campground tomorrow is not near the beach, but it is much nicer and not so crowded and way cheaper, even though it is a little pricey.

After Wednesday, I guess we will be home for a while then maybe a trip to Gainesville to see our friends that we missed when BeBe got sick.
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Walked the dogs. The bug guy did not come yesterday. He is supposed to be here early today. After he comes, I will load up my important stuff like my laptop and we leave for Pensacola.
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The vacuuming and dusting are done and the dog beds are washed. Tomorrow just leaves last minute things for the motor home and then off to Pensacola on Thursday. If I didn't have a computer, my house would be a lot cleaner.

I guess I will drag Tom Tom out and find Sam's club in Pensacola.

The next week MDH has to update his ID Card to reflect he is going to be 65 in July and it changes his health care to medicare and Tri-Care as the secondary.

Still get the free Rx.

Wow, when did we get so old?
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Well we are home already and I have washed the sheets and the towels are in the dryer. I will put them out in the motor home so it will be ready in two weeks for the 2nd eye to be done.

All in all, it came out just fine and hopefully will stop/slow down the damage in the eyes.

We were going to go over to Destin in the next couple of weeks, but maybe not now. We will just drive over for dinner with our friends. It is their 50th wedding anniversary and our 30th.

I think that is reason enough for a celebration, or a wake.

RV Site

May. 28th, 2008 02:05 pm
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The only best RV site I could find close to Pensacola was 18 miles east of our exit, but it is right off I 10 so the travel is short and easy. We can go back and eat lunch and walk the dogs after the laser surgery and then we go back to have them check it. I found out that they do have free cable, too, so all is good. I am taking my air card, too, so I will have internet access either from the park or the air card. I will keep in touch.

Hubby is fine with this, I am a little nervous, but stuff like this absolutely freaks me out, so I am being as cool as I can. I went to this doctor about 6 months ago and I like him. I can not believe I even made myself go, but I did.

I am really sure it will be fine and when he is telling us things like 95% effective, etc. it sounds like it is not a big deal. But as hubby says. Anytime they put a laser in your eye, it is a big deal.

Not supposed to be painful, and if it works, gangbusters!!!
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The motor home is ready to go for a couple of days next week. Carpet all cleaned, floors mopped, clean towels and sheets, bug bombed (because both dogs got ticks in Virginia, no chances, even though with their flea/tick preventative, the ticks were dead)

This will make laser surgery day much easier on us and the dogs, I hope.
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Hubby is going to have laser surgery on the 30th to relieve pressure in the eyes from glaucoma. Then the other eye in a month. I hope it works.
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MDH has been treated the past couple of years by his optomitrist for glaucoma. His pressure is getting high again so he has to go to the specialist I went to on the 19th.

I hope this turns out ok and doesn't postpone our trip.


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