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Bridge is still frustrating, so why do I keep going?
My good friend, Eva, is looking for a new phone and service and I said I would go with her to get one, but she just wants a very simple no frills phone. It dawned on me that I now have this extra line and phone for $10 per month due to my getting a new phone last month and it cost less to go that route. She is getting the phone today, so she will be on my plan, but only $10 per month and she uses very few minutes, like us, so we should be fine.

I am so glad to know she can use it. She will pay me and I won't have that phone going to waste!

Win, win for both of us!
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Why yes Virginia, there is an app for that.

I can now print from my phone to my printer. I am pretty sure I can probably do it from anywhere.

I know I can from home.

How cool is that? Don't know if I will need to, but it sure is handy.
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Walked the dogs.

The Droid phone is a battery killer. My old phone could go days on standby. This phone, not so much. Sometimes over-night gets the batteries down I guess it is some of the apps?

Finally found the bluetooth app. Otherwise it was a couple of layers to push to turn on bluetooth for the ear piece. Now one button.

Now, about walking the dogs? Is there an app for that? Or cleaning the bird cage? Maybe an app for that? LOL.
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Walked the dogs, now I am sitting here ready to learn more about the new phone. This phone is really a steep learning curve compared to all my other phones. I finally can answer it, and make a call. Baby steps, lol. And to think I actually wanted this.

I also have another air card, but this one is pre-paid which should suit my needs. I can pay when I need to use it.

I think I will be brain dead by the end of today.

Sheets in the dryer, and a couple of loads of laundry and the rest of the day will be dedicated to the phone.
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Yesterday my cell phone battery went totally dead. It has not been more than a day since I charged it either. That has never happened to me before. I am not a phone person, and do not use it that much. Today I was trying to go to a number to call our friend we are going to dinner with and the phone totally froze up. I could not turn it off or anything else. Finally I had to remove the battery. Shit!! Tomorrow I am off to the phone store. Should I go hog wild and get a Droid?

If they can be tethered, I just might.
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Well the land line is now history. No phone this AM.

I am leaving the one on my desk right where it is for now just in case. The others are in a bag to take to our daughter this summer. She never seems to have a working telephone for some unknown reason.

Today is floor cleaning day. The sheets are in the laundry now and then the rugs.


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