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Dog beds are in the washer. Friends coming over for "real" bridge on Saturday. Every few months we like to get together and play bridge with people who really know how to play.

Bridge in town tomorrow. I sub on Wednesdays and it turns out to be almost every week. Jan and Feb I am subbing for one gal.
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Filling in for bridge in town again today.
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My Bulgarian bridge partner and I are getting our bridge mojo back after the long break I took from November to January.

Well I was pissed off yesterday so I sent my sister a note for her to go buy herself a solitaire game and box up the little netbook and send it back so I could give it to someone who really needs it.

She won't do it, but it made me feel better, lol.
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Kind of short dog walk this morning. I walked them alone, which I actually prefer, but it was just too hot for me to go the full walk. Made sure I walked by the crazy neighbors, though.

Bridge in town today for the last time for a few weeks. Just not too much fun.
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I love me some Bulgarian Bridge players, well one anyway. We have played many hands in the past and not had a disaster yet. Knock on wood.

Go Petar!!!
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Dog beds are in the washing machine and I am waiting for Roy so we can take the dogs for a walk.

Bridge tonight.

A guy called me from the next couple of towns over that I met playing bridge online. (Bonifay)

He is interested in tournaments. I wonder if I really want to get into that again? On line is pretty much ok and cheaper. We will see if anything comes of it.

Vacuuming to be done, then who knows?
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Today was a pretty good bridge on line day. I got one first, and some partial points in two others. Time to quit while I am ahead.
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I need 36 out of 500 to make bronze life master. It will take a while on line for that.
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Whew, washed bedding, dog beds vacuumed rugs, and dust mopped floors. I think I am going to like these floors, I love how they look.

Books are on carpet edges to get them to lay flat.

The dogs are so funny when their beds are washed. They wander around and try to pull them off the furniture before the covers get put on them.

Bridge yesterday was interesting. One old lady went off on me for claiming a bridge hand. Crazy old bitch, but for once I kept my mouth shut. One very nice lady apologized to me and asked me to play on Thursday nights. Their bridge still sucks, but I have now met a few very nice folks. One couple were even full-timers just like us at one point.


Jan. 31st, 2009 06:52 am
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Well, it's official. I can no longer play bridge with those people. I so wanted to find some bridge players here, but not happening.

Next week I am telling them I can not play because we are planning a trip, which is sort of true, but if I keep playing with them, my game will go in the toilet.

No walk this morning, 28 degrees. It has sure been a cold winter for here.

I do see some signs of spring.

We got a gardenia bush. Roy managed to keep the two lemon trees alive through all this.

Most stuff is on it's own.

He started those trees from seeds, so he is really attached to them. They are about 6' tall now.

Today is all about washing beds, ours and the dogs. Won't get much chance next week with the floors being installed.
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We have some tulips on our table. They will go in the ground for next year after they are done blooming. Amazing how it puts a smile on your face to look at them. Daffodils are coming up in the garden spot.

I have put daffodils in for the last couple of years. We missed their blooming last year. Might this year, too, might not. Plans are set in jello.

Walked the dogs. It is 37 this morning, but the walk was pleasant.

Bridge today. If it does start improving, I will have to quit going. I don't see it improving.

These people play old timey Goren, I play a kind of Goren on Steroids.
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Walked dogs, warm again. 50s.

Bridge yesterday was interesting. It is like playing bridge from 50 years ago. Old Timey Goren.

People were pretty nice, but still not my thing, I am pretty sure.

I will probably go once in a while, but...

The flooring is here!!! It is tucked under our table, behind chairs and down the hall. Apparently it is supposed to 'acclimate'. It is scheduled to be installed Monday the 2nd of Feb.

I sure hope we like it!!!

We still plan on our short road trip in the motor home the end of next week.
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23 degrees this morning. The installers are coming to measure our floors for the laminate. Then we will get an estimate, and if it is what we expect, we just might have some new floors.

I played bridge last night with the ladies in town. Collectively, they are the worst bunch of bridge players I have ever played with. One or two are pretty cranky, too. I am thinking that on line just might be my main venue from now until forever.

I will give it another try, but....

I did meet one or two people who seemed interesting. I just think this is not a good fit.
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Walked dogs, it is 37 degrees. Not bad for dog walking.

Thursday night I am going to see a local bridge game. Finally, real life, real time bridge. I wonder how that will work out? I have never been much of a social bridge player. I hope they play a serious game.

My goal today is to finish the last of the receipts I have to enter for the Senior Center, then it will be fixing and refining. Volunteering is hard, and the pay sucks.
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I have a game in 10 minutes with my new friend. I hope we do well again tonight.

I need to concentrate on bridge and forget about step daughters and my sister who finally got her present for the second time. I sent her a gift card from discover. She and her husband destroyed it the first time. I had to cancel it and send a new one. She has trouble seeing right now and he was helping fucking up her mail so they cut up the birthday card I sent.

She has just had glaucoma surgery for the second time and this time it worked plus she still has a cataract or 2 to go.
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Walked dogs. Still really warm here.

I made cookies all day yesterday it seemed like.

Played bridge last night with a new partner I met on line and this is the first decent game I have had with just one partner. The individual games I usually do ok with, but play with a different partner every 2 hands which is good if your partner sucks, you are not stuck with them.

She lives in Calif but comes to Alabama sometimes.
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Walked the dogs, and walked them in the street past the crazy peoples house.

What a day they caused yesterday.

I have a bridge game this morning with someone I met during a tournament. Seems like a pretty good player and will be interesting to see. We did ok yesterday.

Hair cut later on, and that is it from here. Off to check Gustav and see if I should be packing.
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Another first in bridge today. I am on a tear.

I got the dogs walked in between rain squalls. Maybe I can even get the mail now.

I did good

Aug. 21st, 2008 10:33 am
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Today I was second overall in the first tournament I played in. Not bad at all.

Now, a shower and more bridge.
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Walked dogs cleaned birds and mailed a letter. LOL.

My day is full already. Now the rest of the day is up in the air.

I did file a complaint with the Bridge Game Site I use. A big problem with playing on line is rude obnoxious people. They are a problem in person, too, but worse on line.

Anyway I actually got a screen print of what she said because I saved the chat, and sent it in. Now I have proof. Took me a while to get it figured out, but I got the proof.

This goof ball person accused us of using IM and cheating. Now my partner doesn't even know what IM is, and I quit using it because it was invasive to me.


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