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When you transfer a large sum of money from one account to the other and you can see where is was taken out, but not where it went is so not a good feeling. Why does this shit happen on Saturdays?
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Boy, I feel for people who have retirement investment accounts right now.

We still have an investment account that we can not touch for 3 years. I wonder what will be left by then? It has lost $12000 since Mid Sept.
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The bank called right after 8AM. They will start liquidating the funds right away they say.

They better hurry up before it drops more.

They were right on top of it though.

Bye Yahoo!!

Jul. 2nd, 2007 06:48 pm
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For years I have use yahoo bill pay to pay my credit cards. I don't remember why, probably because it was free. Now they are no longer offering it as of Sept 1, so I have gone and signed up at my on line banking.

I hope they don't charge me.

Most bills I just have automatically come out of our account, but not the credit cards. We use them so much, and I want to reconcile them before I pay them.

I hope the bank was as easy as Yahoo. Looks like it is. Wonder what took me so long to change? I guess because it wasn't broke!!!
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You know that dinghy ship that came in? Well it has sailed. I paid off the new car and the motorhome and that's about it.

Spent a lot at Sams Club. Got steaks, and lots of other things, now we are home.

I washed the car. Whew, now I am hot and tired.

My office mate called and asked me to go to the opera in Pensacola this Sunday, I told her I would. Nice of her to ask. She had an extra ticket. Her grandson is going too.

The Marriage of Figaro is the name of it. I am not an opera buff, so this will be an interesting day.
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Found out mdh has a copy of our marriage license with his military retirement stuff. I never thought of that. Now I know where the copy went. I am pretty sure I never had a copy. Oh, well, sent for one anyway.

We are waiting for our ship to come in, or money to transfer sometime this week so we can pay off the car and the motorhome. Debt free again. A good place to be. I am thankful we got here.


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