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21° this morning. It just gets colder!!

I might attempt to make a few cookies today, then again, I might not.

Next week I am playing bridge on Monday.

Our neighbors are coming for Christmas, so now we have 7, a good number, should be fun.
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Today is all about cleaning the floors. Vacuum then dust mop. Sis will be here Wednesday.

Walked the dogs. No much else going on. House won't be perfect, but then it never is, and she won't care.

Thanksgiving we are going to one set of neighbors, the ones we had dinner with last year.

The other neighbors are coming here the night before Thanksgiving. Man, we are on a social wurl here.
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Packages (3) are ready to mail. Just a tiny thing with the cards about the donations. Sister is getting some Uggs. She sent me my first pair, and now she is being paid back.


Nov. 29th, 2008 06:56 am
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Walked the dogs in the 60 degree swampy weather.

Washing dog beds and general cleaning around here.

I guess I have to put up some Christmas decorations. I didn't last year and it was great!!!

We will see. I put red candles in my candle holders. That should do it!!
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Dressing is made, and part in the freezer. Turkey breast is in the oven, dogs are sleeping in the new space I opened up in my office.

I am thinking about a shower.
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The pecan pies are in the oven. I use frozen shells. Pecan pies are the easiest pies to make.

I juiced and zested enough lemons for 4 pies and froze it. When I get more pies shells and some cornstarch, I will make the lemon pies.

Hubby loves lemon meringue pies. They are a pain to make.

This is as domestic as it gets around here. Turkey breast tomorrow and stuffing.
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I got 'Pictionary' for a hostess gift. Boy, board games are expensive!! I thought about 'Trivial Pursuit', but it was even more expensive.

It warmed up to 38 this morning. Just got back from walking the dogs.
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Walked dogs, put a letter out to mail and forgot it was a holiday!

All I have to do is take a shower and put the food out on platters later on today. I even have red white and blue place mats. I don't know why I have them, but they kind of match my chairs, so I guess that is why. Not for the fourth, but they fit.

Flags are out.

Hope the fireworks are kept to a minimum for the dogs.
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Looks like rib roast for Thanksgiving and Christmas here. We probably won't have any company.
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OMFG Every year I get more scroogy and grinchy. I could not care less about putting up a tree, but my sister is coming, so I will.


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