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Well, it's official, I am a hermit! I have really not been doing much since we got back from Texas. We are still planning another road trip in July.

Yesterday our whole house generator got serviced and so did our a/c heat pump. Getting ready for hurricane season, and the heat. What a relief it will be to have the generator if we get a bad storm.

Or, it kind of is insurance against a storm.
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Like the rest of the country, the high heat is starting to hit us now, too.

Having a friend and the granddaughter, fiance for dinner, steak! I am so enjoying their visit. Hopefully Monday the guy will come to finish the generator install and will not have to have the electric off for long this time. Just the controls to the generator are left.
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Along with the new generator, I found the energizer bunny.

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Here is the reason our electricity was off most of yesterday. They just need to finish up the control wiring and it is ready to go.
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OK, now the gulf is starting to act up. Hope that generator is in before we need it! Storms are starting earlier than usual I think.
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Some floors to clean today, try to get the house ready for company next week. Slowly!

Roy going fishing today. Putting the new carport in was worth it. He can use his boat so much easier now.

The gas tank was set yesterday to get ready for the new generator.
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Well Roy has started the prep for the generator. We have dirt that he built a retaining wall for and now needs to make it level for the propane tank.

You can't take it with you. I have friends who live in Panama City Beach that have had one of these generators for 6 years and never needed one, but still say they are glad they have it. Of course they live even closer to the gulf than we do.

Oh well, we will be very popular if we ever do lose power.
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Ok, I just thought of another way to spend money. Whole house generator, propane powered. Sometimes after a hurricane it can be weeks before power is restored, and I would like a generator that we did not have to fill with gas, and would auto start and run the whole house A/C.

We have a gas generator with a panel Roy wired into the house that we can plug into, but it is gasoline powered and not automatic. It also will not run the house a/c, just a window one. This will cost us a bundle, but sure could be worth it. Have to think about it some more, but...


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