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Granddaughter and fiance are here. We had a great visit last night. I am looking forward to the next couple of days!
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Kids are coming in sometime today. Hopefully they won't have too many road problems on I95 or I10.

Cinnamond Craison bread is in the bread machine.
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Ok, I know you are probably sick of the videos, good/bad news is that grandaughter is leaving tomorrow. Back to the same old hum-drum things.

One of the lead guitar players last night was our tractor guy. Didn't recognize him on stage, I have only seen him on a tractor or delivering dirt and gravel.

He told Jordan when she came through town next in her big bus he would carry her bags.
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Just to give you an idea of the ambience in the restaurant. We had a great time. I never had so much fun in a bar sober.

Jordan Karaoke in a mexican restaurant in Florida Panhandle

Another typical Karaoke singer in the Red Neck Riviera

Decor from the Red Neck Karaoke mexican restaurant.

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Well I have been busy installing all my programs, and tweaking everything on the new netbook with Windows 7. I like Windows 7 so far. Not like Vista which I never have warmed up to. Our granddaughter is getting the first netbook for her birthday. It had a better battery, but I switched them. She does have blue tooth, and I don't, but I can live without it.

It takes forever to get everything set up it seems.

It is still only 39 degrees and it is almost 10 AM.
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Today I am cleaning bathrooms, and dusting stuff and thinking about packing.

Still can't get my mind wrapped around the condo thing. I guess the thought of a week with 18-20 year olds is just too much, lol.

Hopefully they can walk themselves.

Walked the dogs in the 69 degree low humidity. Another little summer gift to me.
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This week is just all about getting ready to go to Destin to spend a week in the condo so granddaughter will have the beach and places to go.

It is hot and humid. I doubt I will spend much time at the beach, well, no time at the beach.

It is so much easier to take the RV. All our stuff is pretty much in it and ready to go.

Having to plan for a condo is another thing. I plan to get food when I get there.

Walked the dogs.

Hopefully I will get this place half way clean later on in the week.
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Looks like our grandaughter is going on a road trip this summer and will be coming by with 3 friends to stay a week or two with us. We have rented a condo at the beach for part of the time they are here and then back here. I am so glad they are coming. The condo will also take the dogs!!! Yea, fireworks over the 4th of July!! $1000 a week, but it will be a nice graduation present for her.

I am glad she wants to come.


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