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She's gone. What a sweet bird she was. We will both miss her, but she is happy at the rainbow bridge and no longer suffering.
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Here they all are now in different sides of the same cage. Roy built this solid oak cage when they were babies.

Rocky Rocky
Gabby Gabby
Freefall Freefall
Rocky and Gabby Rocky and Gabby

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Ok, I have 3 pretty old cockatiels (15 years) One plucks her feathers(cinnamond), one used to lay eggs (lutino, yellow), but she finally quit. The boy (white)is the one I just had a growth removed from. The feather plucker, Rocky, also plucks the feathers out of the white guys(Gabby) head. I have the three separated since Rocky and Gabby used to pick on the yellow (Freefall)

Rocky and Gabby were pretty bonded and Freefall had one side all to herself. I have now put Freefall and Gabby in together and Rocky is by herself with only her own feathers to pluck. I hope it works out. They are right next to each other and they seem to be doing ok so far.

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Dogs walked.

Today mdh is building a divider for our large bird cage. Two of our birds are picking on the other one and running her all over the cage. They have become a bonded pair since the other one died over a year ago, and who knows what goes through their little brains, but they are just too old for that nonsense, so we are separating them.

The picked on bird gets the best deal. She gets half the cage to herself.
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We have colonies of these beautiful little birds around right now. Just hundreds of them. They must be migrating.
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It is Saturday and I have nothing planned. Just tear down the birdcage and clean under grates. I clean it daily, but we take the grates outside to clean them once a week.

Also, want to put the slide on the motor home out so I can make the bed and get ready for next weekend. I am working Monday this week and taking Thursday off.

I can not believe I am still there.

Oh, and there is a possibility that my boss (gastric bypass) might have to have some more surgery. She is not doing real well with this surgery.

If that happens, I don't think I can put up with the load again. It was just too much with the jackass on me all the time.

(My office-mate says don't borrow trouble. She is right) I promised her I would not quit, at least this week.


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