Dec. 11th, 2008 09:56 am
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I am still waiting to see if we will get the snow that NO had. We don't have many clouds left now, but some might just blow in from the west.

So far today I have: Washed our sheets, washed dog beds, cleaned birds, walked dogs, vacuumed bedroom and living room. Now a little bridge?
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It is 9:30Am and I have already showered and am ready for bridge. My house is pretty clean, well clean enough for us. The kitchen is kind of messy since Roy is still tiling the back splash. It really looks great.

I do have some laundry going.

The excitement is just too much around here. In my old age, I don't need excitement anymore. The quieter the better.

I am thankful to have some time like this.

We have an 18 year old grand-daughter. She ran away from her mom's and went to her other grandmothers, and is now with her (absentee dad) in California and is going to try out for American Idol She has not graduated from high school yet. Her mom told her she could go to the try outs when she graduated. Long story, but she is just being a typical 18 year old. I feel sorry for our daughter. She really has been a good mom, if maybe a little over protective, but no one is perfect.

She has a nice voice, but I think there are many more who are so much better and this will be a good learning experience for her.

What a mess that drama is. Glad we live here and not there.
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Things you probably don't know about me. I hate gardening. I think if it can't grow by itself and take care of itself, it belongs in someone else's yard.

Today I am weeding a small little area we laughingly call a garden. I planted some daffodils because they remind me of my mother and father, but they take care of themselves. The weeding is something I hate and almost never do. Today I am doing it to help Juan the gardener/ or my husband. We are also going to plant tomato plants again this year. Yea. The only plant worth worrying about IMHO.

Back to it, then never again.
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BeBe is doing even better today. Back to playing and being her normal self. The vets office in Jacksonville called to see how she was doing. Nice touch. Also, I had to call the office today to clarify one of her meds dose and the veterinarian wanted to ask about her, so he got on the line and sounded very pleased with her progress. I am glad that they seem to really care. He did a good job fixing what was wrong, IMHO.

It is beautiful weather here, no humidity. I know it won't last, but I am glad to be here and the weather makes it better.

Next week we have to take the motorhome in to have the brakes fixed/replaced and dash air fixed. That will be nice and expensive. It is like something wants to suck our already small bank account inside out.

We filled the motorhome yesterday to be ready for hurricane season. $172.00.

TV guy is scheduled to come from 10-12. Think that will happen?

I got my refund from when I had the cable shut off, just in time to have it turned back on.

We are already planning another trip just up the road to Florala. The Alabama State park on a lake we like. Very short trip only about 20 miles. Far enough.

Hopefully I will get the RV cleaned before then, lol.

Our neighbors who got rid of their dog house also landscaped their place a little. Looks good. I think their kids moved out, too. Less cars.

We are thinking of buying the lot next door to us, or at least making an offer. It just went up on the market. We could use it to park the motorhome on, if nothing else. Also keep someone from building next to us. We will see. We might make a low ball offer. With the market the way it is, they should be glad to get even that.

I Rock!!

Jan. 23rd, 2008 11:37 am
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Today, I washed sheets, dog beds, and towels. Vacuumed, cleaned birds, emptied trash, cleaned inside of both cars, and now I am done.

Oh, and walked the dogs.

MDH is washing the cars now. Between you and me, I do a better job than he does. I clean the wheels and spray them with stuff that makes them look new and clean inside and outside the windows.

He does not do quite as good a job, but.... I will never tell him that.


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