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Sent in the form to the State of Florida that we no longer own the pickup we gave to the ungrateful daughter. Also canceled the insurance. I sent her a copy so maybe she will get off the dime and transfer the title, but knowing her, that will not happen in my lifetime. She will probably just let is sit there and rust into a pile.

Oh well, no strings attached.

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Feb. 16th, 2007 07:33 am
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Today I just finished updating the contents of the house. What a job. I really just want a list in case of fire or hurricane or whatever. Mainly to remind us what was in the house. I used to really keep up, but I quit being diligent about it years ago. I know I am still missing stuff, but I think I will just take pictures of some of the rooms today, and put it all on a CD.

The guy is coming to replace my windshield today. No deductible for windshields in Florida, not like Arizona. It is about 30 degrees out. I hope that doesn't hurt anything.

The gal who is in charge of the Meet and Greets in Dothan Alabama called us yesterday and asked if we could come up tomorrow with the dogs. She wants a good showing in case some of the officers of the organization come to give her some support which we heard might happen. We said yes, even though we really don't want to go. It is cold. We are not taking the motorhome this time. We will drive up.

We found two reclining chairs that would fit in the motor home. Video recliners they are called with no arms. They have a very small footprint. We would take the couch, which is very uncomfortable, out, and put these in.

We walked right in yesterday, got the stickers for the cars in about 5 minutes. Last time it took us 2 hours.

I need to go take a shower and take some pictures, maybe clean the bathrooms.
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Good thing we are getting that money. I just wiped out our cash by paying our homeowners, and our discover card for December.

We are broke again. We have no easy to get cash. We have some in some kind of account that is managed by the bank where Roy's mother was in Missouri. They do pretty good with it. I forgot what it is called. Kind of a money management thing. Takes a few days to get money out of it because they have to sell stocks, etc. They do pretty good with it, so that is where part of our small inheritance is going in March, but until then, we are broke!!

I don't really want to take any out of the small amount already there, so here we are. Insurance poor. I just paid the RV insurance, too.

In March our other vehicle insurance is due.
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I just got my homeowners insurance and it only went up about $50. Now in Florida, that is a very good thing.

The last policy I had before this one through AARP quit writing in Florida. My policy is reasonable and better than the last one. Now I can at least afford to live here.

Good thing we moved away from the coast.


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