Apr. 12th, 2017

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A month ago I heard some noises under my master bath. Sounded like some kind of critter. I stomped on the floor and did not hear it again until Sunday, same thing. Sounded like it was banging the pipes around. Possibly a rat or squirrel or... ? Anyway, I thought my bug guy did not do anything but bugs, but I did not know who to call, so I called the bug office to get a name to call. They do cover mice and rats, so they came out yesterday and set a couple of traps. We do not know for sure what it is, but traps are set now. I am glad I called them.

Poison bait is out of the question since whatever it is could eat it, die in the yard and the dog might eat it, so traps are the only option. I was feeling pretty down about one more thing I would have to pay for, but this one is already paid. My bug/termite guy is not something I feel I can cut back on.


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