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Waiting for daylight to walk the dogs. Going tomak lunch with our neighbors to the chinese buffet next town over. Tomorrow we go to the Air Base to pick up Roy's prescriptions.

I am making Tortellini soup sometime in the next week or two, yummy.

Roof is almost half done. It did cut down on some light in the kitchen, but because of the dormer, it is not too dark. What a difference it makes having a covered patio.
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The roof is going on right now, well they just went to lunch, but it is started!!!

I actually like the green color. I didn't think I would, but I do.

I will be glad when it is done, BeBe doesn't like the tromping around on her roof, and the nail gun? No way!!
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Wow, it is very chilly out. Dogs got their walk, but tomorrow might be another story.

All the new gutters are up on the house, but looks like it might rain again on Monday and Tuesday, so another slight delay.

Got my new bigger and better TomTom (GPS) today. Stayed with them due to price and I have used them before. Fine for my limited needs, and this one says street names which will help.

The granddaughter gets the other one. She just got her first car.

Still no word from Roy's daughter. I am so disappointed in her, I can not even express it adequately.
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Walked the dogs this morning. It tried to rain on us, but quit.

Two new gutters on house look good. Hopefully some more today?
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Roof guy just pulled in the driveway. They have to pull all the gutters off.
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I just transferred the money to pay for the new metal roof. Just under $5000 with the new addition which seems pretty much within what we intended. Roy building the cover over the patio saved us about $3000.

I think we might be a little bit over-building this mobile home, but it sure is nice for us.

Oh well, I have no desire to leave anything to anyone, so might as well enjoy what we have.
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Today was all about dusting, lol. I half assed the dusting.

We decided to get a new metal roof. They are better in storms, etc. about $4300.

We had better never leave we will never get our money out of this place.

We did decide not to cover the back deck. It cost almost as much as the whole roof. Can't afford that.

Still no word from Roy's daughter. I like animals so much better than humans.


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