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Oh one more good thing. My Tax refund hit my bank today!!! I am rich. For the next 15 minutes or so anyway.


Feb. 5th, 2009 08:05 am
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Hoping today will see our new floors finished so we can put the house back together. The floors look great, but you can sure see the dog hair on them.

Oh, last night we had the scare of our lives. We looked around to find BeBe. She was not in the house. Not in the yard. Now we are pretty religious about gates but Roy did not get the side one latched yesterday and it was dark and cold and no BeBe. For about 5 minutes we were in absolute panic.

Luckily Roy went out in front and here she came around the side of the motorhome, soaking wet. The only way she could get that wet was to go in Lake.

What an adventure she had. I am convinced that walking them helps so they at least know where they live.

It was 16 this morning. 16!!! and in Florida. I am very thankful BeBe is safe. 2 Times in 2 days. Not good.

Oh, and sent our taxes off to our CPA yesterday. No more Turbo Tax for me.
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Whew, it was cold on our walk this morning. The wind made it cold.

I was glad to get back in the house.

Today I am going to the store to get the rest of the things for our dinner company Friday.

I sent in our tax return and paid our taxes today. I hope I did it right. I was going to get a CPA, but it really is so simple, it is a shame to pay for what I should do myself.
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I just got a letter from the IRS that I owe $2000 more for my 2005 Taxes and I checked and they are right. I was stupid and just plain careless. I entered the amounts, but not where they should be??? Who knows. I did send the accompanying paperwork showing the income, it just wasn't on the return so I guess they know I wasn't trying to skate out of it? This is my last year doing my own taxes. I now know why I got a huge refund.

I would feel worse, but they did refund almost all what I should have paid. It cost me $169. I am an idiot!! I checked this year, and it is correct (I had to pay some).

When you represent yourself as an attorney, you have a fool for a client. I guess the same thing goes for an accountant. I am lucky I could pay it. There have been many times in my life that I could not pay it.
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I think we are ok on our income tax. Previous years mdh worked and received a 1099 so we paid est tax. This year he worked about 1 day a month, but received SS and we did not pay est tax. He did not have taxes taken out of SS for some reason, but I put some extra in my check, and it looks like we are overpaid just a little. I don't have the final figures, but this should be close.


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