Jan. 19th, 2017

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Yesterday a guy from the "Sheriff's Posse" came by to meet me. They have volunteers they call their posse. They even drive squad cars that say posse on them. They do everything you can do without a gun he told me. He came to meet me because I put myself on their call list once a day to see if I am ok. Since I am alone and no one really checks on me, I thought it was a good idea. He wanted to come to see if I was delusional or anything. Some people on their lists are, I guess. I am not quite there yet.

I turned the a/c on last night. We are having record highs here. The house was about 73 at 9pm so I turned the a/c on to cool it off a few degrees before going to bed. I hate turning it on in January, but I also like it cool at night.

We are supposed to cool off some next week. Bridge classes and bridge in town today. They actually run into each other, so I have to leave the play of the hand part early to make it to the game in town. I wish I had not said I would play in town, but I promised to be there before I remembered the classes. In between, I will stop at home and feed the dog.


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