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The spring flowers are starting to come out. The grass needs cutting already. What a warm winter we had. Now I have to get hold of the handyman (and to make sure I have the money to pay him) I want the yard done, and Roy's shop to be cleaned and swept and just neatened up. I have only been in it once or twice, so it just sits there.

The back yard that is fenced needs cutting the most. That and the small side yard. Honey has access to them, and they need cutting. I played bridge at the Senior Center yesterday. It was good to see some old friends. I am kind of on a bridge sabbatical right now, lol.

I am thinking of a trip out west and wondering if I am up to it. It would be easier without the dog, but I don't want to leave her for that long, and she would probably love it. I can not think of any friends who might want to go with me, so it would probably be just Honey and I. I will keep thinking of it. If we go, it probably should be soon. Maybe I will just go up to Fredericksburg to see the granddaughter.
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