Feb. 20th, 2009

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Well we are home and Roy is still doing well. He finally got a good nights sleep. He wanted to walk the dogs this morning, but I said no. He is supposed to take it easy for a week. Maybe tomorrow.

Also it is 28 degrees out this morning!! There go our new plants.

I am tired.

Yesterday I got all his prescriptions filled except one at the base since that is free for us, then had to go to Walmart for one that they did not carry in the weak strength he needs, so Walmart on the way home. I will have to pick it up today. I was not willing to wait around for over an hour.

I think my new washer/dryer are going to be delivered today after a three month wait!!!

I sold the old ones really cheap to a friends mother and they are going to pick them up later, I hope.
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WTF!!! Why is lj so damned slow??????

I have not been able to log on yet!!!
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The new washer and dryer are going in as we speak. I did not get a chance to clean under them!!! Oh well I forgot.

Plan on not doing much the rest of the day.
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Oh one more good thing. My Tax refund hit my bank today!!! I am rich. For the next 15 minutes or so anyway.
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Roy is really doing well, but I have to hog tie him to make him take it easy.

My new washer and dryer came today. GE High Efficiency machines, and I love them!!! I have never been too excited over a washer and dryer, but these are just awesome, and quiet!!!

I wondered if it was really worth the wait and money, but I think it will be. We got such a super deal on them. We have not see any within $500 of what we paid last November for them.

For once, I think we actually got a good buy!!

Also, the lady's son came by who was buying my old ones (She also got a great deal) and picked them up so they were only sitting out front for about 2 hours.


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